Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship has been heating up as of late — so much so, in fact, that they’re sparking major engagement talk — but one man apparently didn’t get the memo: The guy who thought he’d been dating the singer online for six years.

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In a recent episode of MTV’s Catfish, which sees victims of online dating identity fraud come face to face with their dupers, Spencer Morrill reached out to the show’s hosts Nev Schulman (who himself was once a “catfish” victim, prompting him to help others uncover their own cases) and Max Joseph to track “Katy” down after she mysteriously disappeared on him.

While it seems to be a bit of a stretch, we can’t blame the guy entirely — celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Zac Efron HAVE been known to show up on a dating site or two in their day, and even Katy herself has admitted to using Tinder in the past!

Spencer was so convinced that his love with Katy was the real deal, in fact, that he even BOUGHT HER AN ENGAGEMENT RING.


Upon meeting Spencer, Nev and Max are skeptical, however, asking for evidence that his online lover is indeed the real Katy.

Spencer’s proof? Unreleased tracks (found to be YouTube links) and tidbits of information he’s been receiving from his online paramour that match up with Katy’s background and whereabouts (which Spencer has been fact-checking online).

As it turns out, his REAL online love is a young woman named Harriet living in Gloucester, who just so happens to be a KP super-fan.

Yet, even when Nev and Max present him with evidence that his online romance is a farce, Spencer refuses to believe it. His rationale? Katy Perry is very intelligent and using the young girl that he has actually been conversing with in order to “surprise him.”

Poor guy — she really has him hooked!

Eventually, the duo is able to convince him that Katy, is, in fact, dating Orlando — and not him — thought not without one last “double check.”

Check out the full episode here!

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