There are a lot of perks to working from home: getting to wear yoga pants every day, spontaneous snack breaks, never having to call in sick. But as anyone who has tried the WFH lifestyle can tell you, having a designated office is *key.* That’s what Tiffani Thiessen found out when she tried to juggle mom duties with work. The actress quickly realized that she needed a space to call her own.

“It’s not always easy working from home with kiddos close by and an ongoing to-do list that seems to never end. So at the start of this year, I decided it was time to design a space that would become a creative sanctuary for me and my assistant Tory,” Thiessen says. She called on designer Kristin Alber to take her home office to the next level by incorporating glam textures in a truly modern way, and the result is seriously wow-worthy.

While the office design takes cues from lots of our favorite current trends (jewel tones, velvet, brass accents, and natural materials), an unexpected element comes in the form of temporary wallpaper. “Sometimes, design decisions are just magic! A certain slant of light passing through the glass French doors and reflecting off the pearlescent finish of this Tempaper wallcover had everyone enchanted, leading to a last‑minute decision to create an accent wall in the office,” says Alber. This happy accident brings more depth to the desk area.

Wallpaper transformed the adjoining bathroom as well. “In the powder room we were dealing with a very small space, so we knew we wanted wallpaper to make it pop,” says Alber. A black-and-gold peony print fit the bill. “It wasn’t too busy and kept with the vibe of the rest of our space.” We love the contrast between the white-walled office and this moody, dramatic bathroom.

Elegant elements are balanced out with some more laid-back Cali-cool pieces, like a light wooden chair and rough-hewn baskets. This high-meets-low mix reflects Thiessen’s vibe and makes it more kid- and pet-friendly!

And of course, no office is complete without a little bar area for impromptu happy hours.

Though the office is definitely high-design, there’s no doubt that it has also been customized to fit Thiessen’s personal style. “We added in personal photos and mementos like vintage cameras that belonged to Tiffani’s parents,” says Alber. The stunning built-in bookcases provided an awesome backdrop for quirky touches, while also offering tons of storage for this boss lady’s office. It all comes together to be exactly what Thiessen was looking for. “Kristin helped us to fashion an office that feels elevated, elegant, and highly personal,” Thiessen says of the space.

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(Images via Nick Sorensen, courtesy of REstyleSOURCE)