While some folks are using Google to throw high-tech (but low-key) shade at Donald Trump, and his controversial ways are even putting a tinge on the holidays, Time Magazine has decided to make the President-elect their person of the year. The choice received the expected trolling, but some folks, like those over at GQ, are noticing that Time might have done the biggest trolling themselves right there on the cover.

Donald Trump _ Time Person of the Year

While taking at look at the Person of the Year cover, you’ll see Trump sitting in an old-fashioned chair, turning to look back at the camera with one of his signature frowning stares. The dimly lit scene is stark, serious and pretty dang morose.

But take a closer look at Trump’s head. Specifically the placement of the “M” above his head. Are those… could they be… devil horns?

If it was intentional, it was brilliant. If it wasn’t intentional, it very well could be the BEST coincidence ever.

GQ explained their thinking, saying, “Look — we’re not here to drum up a conspiracy theory that Time is warning the world of Donald Trump’s hidden identity as Satan himself. But we know just how much thought goes into each and every detail of a cover photo, layout, etc. A simple shift left, right, up, or down would have eliminated this convenient graphic design lineup, so it’s really hard to think this was an innocent accident.” Totally valid, TBH.

They also added, “We’re not saying we agree with Time‘s dig at Trump — even if he is a crotch-grabbing, tie-taping, tweet-vomiting, thin-skinned enabler of white supremacy. Then again, not all devils wear red.” Buuuuurn!

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(h/t GQ; photos via TIME, Sara D. Davis/Getty)