For many of us, 2017 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2018! Follow our Hit Refresh series through January for new ideas, hacks, and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year’s resolutions.

We see you over there, ready to positively tackle the New Year’s resolutions that you’ve so thoughtfully set for yourself. You’re strong and tough and capable of literally anything, so if you’ve committed to eating better (keto diet, anyone?), flattening those abs, or simply being more active in 2018, we are fully confident that this will be the year you pull it off. You’ve got this, girl!

Like pretty much anything in life, though, reaching health and fitness goals is a lot easier if you’re not going it alone — and thanks to some fierce experts and the awesome resources that the uber-connected world of 2018 has to offer, there’s absolutely no reason you should have to. Keep scrolling for all of the details on seven tools, tricks, and pro tips that will support you in all of your wellness resolutions for the year.

1. Find a buddy. The buddy system is a thing because it works — and fitness is no exception. Tone It Up‘s Katrina Scott is a big believer in not trying to reach your health resolutions by yourself. “Accountability is one of the most important aspects of sticking to your goals,” she tells us. Share your fitness goal with a friend so she can hold you to it, or seek out a local fitness community or intramural sports team. The Studio Tone It Up app is also a great resource for New Year’s resolution-ers. (Photo via Tone It Up)

2. Join an online health and fitness community. We’ll pretty much do anything the Tone It Up girls suggest (have you seen how fit they are?), but getting involved in a fitness community IRL has some complicating factors. These groups are few and far between in some areas, and busy schedules throw another wrench in the mix. An online community might be the right alternative solution! Check out the communities on apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit, or show up to a sweaty online yoga session with bulldog yoga. You won’t have to leave the house, but you will be accountable to the other members of the community or to the financial investment you’ve made to unlock the app’s best services or to stream a class.

rawbox subscription box

3. Sign up for a healthy subscription box. Many of us are serial snackers, and with so many delicious options, it’s hard not to be. Kicking your snacking habit entirely might be a stretch — after all, you’ll be more successful if you make lifestyle changes instead of restricting yourself. So your next best option is to make over your snack game to ensure that you’re at least tending toward healthier options that you won’t regret after the fact. Enter RawBox ($40+/month), a subscription box from Cratejoy that will bring nutritious, convenient snacks directly to your door. Each month, the box is curated with raw, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free treats, as well as other eco-friendly products. Another great option is the WODBOM ($35+/month), a box that contains both healthy snacks and fitness clothes/gear, so you really have no excuse to skip that workout. (Photo via CrateJoy)

4. Set your intention. Getting fit is about more than just sweating your way through a tough workout. Your mindset matters! “Intentions are such a powerful way of achieving your dreams,” says Tone It Up’s Karena Dawn. “Take a few moments of silence and close your eyes as you visualize what you want to accomplish this year. Then, write down clear and specific intentions. Remember that intentions are not just about results. It’s important to be present and grateful throughout the entire journey!” (Photo via Tone It Up)

lifesum app

5. Commit to tracking your health goals with an app. There are tons of great health tracking apps on the market, but one that we want to call your attention to in the new year is Lifesum. Highly rated Lifesum offers personalized diet plans, a workout tracker, a step counter, a food tracker, a calories-burned calculator, a water tracker, meal plans that can help you lose weight or gain muscle, and tons of recipes to keep you satiated and motivated. Sounds like everything you could need! (Images via Lifesum/iOS)

DL It: Free on Android and iOS

6. Track your steps. If an app like Lifesum has too many bells and whistles for you, and you simply want to ensure that you’re maximizing your active time and heart rate, a more basic step tracker might be a better fit for your New Year’s resolutions. You can find lots of wearables to suit your specific needs, such as the FitBit Alta HR ($150), which tracks your steps, heart rate, and sleep cycles. The Motiv Ring ($199) is an especially cool entry to the wearable category. Its slim design allows you to keep the fact that you’re tracking on the DL, and it’s available in both slate and rose gold. (Photo via Motiv)

7. Reset your system. The holidays are a time for fun, friends, family, and food. So much food. Delicious food (and maybe even a cocktail… or eight) that we would never, ever want you to turn down. With the new year in progress and your goals in sight, a great way to move past the season of gluttony is a detox. There are tons of programs online you can check out that will have you back on track in a matter of days, but even committing to a detox of your own making (a Dry January, Meatless Mondays, or a dessert-free week) is a good start to a healthy year.

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