If you’re in desperate need of a little hair R&R, then it might be time to take a break from the blow dryer. We’ve got 10 tips for air drying your hair like a pro, whether you’re getting ready to go out or preparing to wake up with a smooth and shiny ‘do. Be prepared to stock up on the hair products, though, since Mother Nature doesn’t always bless us with hair that lays perfectly on its own. Soon enough, you’ll be ditching that hair dryer and ironing tools for a healthy, happy head of hair.


1. Prep Your Hair for Bed: If you go to bed with a wet head, your vulnerable strands can break and the hair cuticle can be damaged by rubbing against your pillow case. Take care to prep your hair before hitting the hay by wrapping a silk scarf around your freshly cleaned locks, and come morning you’ll wake up with smooth, shiny hair. (via Refinery29)


2. Use a Product: Anyone looking to air dry their hair successfully is going to need quite a few products. To start, find a product that suits your hair type, whether you need to smooth frizz or bring out the bounce in your curls. Might we recommend this Texas Tea Volumizing Spray ($25)? It’ll work well on lots of hair types. (via Fox News Magazine)


3. Braid Your Hair: Add natural texture by letting your hair air dry in a braid. Try a loose braid for flowing waves or a tighter braid for a more defined crimp throughout your hair. (via Daily Makeover)


4. Use the Right Conditioner: Perfectly supple air-dried hair starts in the shower with a good, thick, creamy conditioner. Find one that tackles your particular hair issues, then let it do its magic while you scrub-a-dub. Try this Bumble and bumble ($27) one for super moisturized hair. (via Birdie)


5. Don’t Touch Your Hair: As tempting as hair twirling can be, you’ve got to keep your paws off of it. The oils from your hands will weigh down the follicles, undoing the voluminous masterpiece you waited so long for. (via Birchbox)


6. Turban With a T-Shirt: The towel turban can be a hard habit to break, but drying your hair this way isn’t good for keeping your locks strong and healthy. However, if you swap the towel for a simple t-shirt, you can turban your hair as often as you want. The smooth cotton is gentler on your hair, resulting in less frizz and breakage. (via Michelle Phan)


7. Apply a Hair Serum: Applying a hair serum like this Josie Maran Argan Oil ($48) weightlessly moisturizes your hair, so you won’t end up with a dry, brittle mess once it dries. And when you’re letting your hair do its own thing without heat styling, applying a little serum will help steer it in the right direction. (via Refinery 29)


8. Use Detangler: Do you have long, flowing hair generally prone to knots? Protect your strands (and your poor scalp) by investing in a little detangler. It’ll keep you from dreading the comb and it’ll protect your hair from breakage, which can keep your air-dried ‘do from looking polished. This No-Comb Detangling Spray ($20) from DevaCurl is our top pick. (via Birchbox)


9. Tie a Top Knot: If you’re anti-braid, you can also tie your hair into a top knot for a beachy flow. You’ll get waves that are more random and free spirited than the waves you’ll get from braids, plus it’s perfect if you’re in a time crunch. (via Goldfish Kiss)


10. Finish With Dry Shampoo: We know what you’re thinking. “Dry shampoo? But I just shampooed the regular way!” We’ve got a little-known secret for you. Dry shampoo — like this Fox & Doll ($5+) stuff from our shop — is the trick to getting epic volume and pumping some life into your locks. (via Birdie)

Do you have any air-drying tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments!