Here at Brit HQ we never need a reason to party because it’s a colorful party every day! And what’s a party without a photo booth?! For this backdrop beauty, we’ll show you how to create a sweet summertime backdrop for less than $20. Round up your favorite colors of tissue paper, grab a shower curtain from your local dollar store and voila! You’ll have a backdrop that you will want to keep up even after the party is over.


– tissue paper

– thin wire

– shower curtain

– tape

 – scissors


1. Create a pinwheel flower by taking a piece of tissue paper and accordion folding it to the end. Wrap wire around the center. When cutting the wire leave enough for a tale. Un-fan the pinwheel and tape the two ends together to form a circle.

2. To create a dense flower, fold 4-7 squares of tissue paper into an accordion. Wrap the center with wire and remember to leave enough for a tail. Separate the layers of tissue paper to form a dense flower.

3. Attach the flowers to the shower curtain by poking the wire through the fabric. Twist the extra wire into a knot to hold in place.

We went with our favorite trio of hues.

Grab a piece of tissue paper and accordion fold it to the end. Wrap wire around the center and trim the ends. Trimming the ends is a must so you can make sure your folds will create a full circle. You might have to trim a couple times until you’ve cut off enough for your ends to meet. Tape the pieces together to form a pinwheel shape.

Pro Tip: More colors = more fun.

For the next paper flower, we are going to use 4-7 squares of tissue paper. The more paper you use the fuller your flower will be. Lay all the pieces on top of each other and accordion fold all the way to the end. Secure the center with wire and round the ends with scissors.

Gently pull apart the pieces of tissue paper to give your flower some volume!

Pierce the end of the wire through the shower curtain. Twist or tie the wire ends together to secure the flower to the curtain.

Just about done! Now we just need some party peeps to start hamming it up for the camera ;)

That was easy! Now, let’s get this party started.

A photo booth is not complete without props and costumes!

We love these chalkboard signs. Write, erase and then write again. #yo

Our favorite pup Turkey had a little too much fun and fell asleep mid-party! Silly pooch.

Will you be creating photo backdrops for your parties this summer? What are some of your favorite props? Tell us in the comments below!