You guys already know how we feel about making everyone jealous of your wedding, or any event for that matter. So, let’s pimp out your event by bringing in colorful décor in unexpected places. Dangle these champs over your dance floor, attach them to your chairs, drape them from an arbor for a wedding ceremony, use them as dance floor props – just use them! They are super easy to make, and happen to be ridiculously affordable too.

 – tissue paper

– scissors

– hot glue gun

– rope

First, stack 8 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other. Fold the stack of tissue paper in half, length wise.

Cut strips into the stack of paper about 1 inch wide, leaving a 2-3 inch break at the top of the stack near the fold. Complete the entire length of tissue paper with strips.

Fold the tissue paper in half, then in half again, then in half one more time until you have a pom about 4 inches wide.

Either staple the entire stack of folded tissue together, or hot glue it if it’s too thick for your stapler.

Place a strip of hot glue across the top of the pom, then attach the rope you chose to use as the main garland.

Continue to attach the poms in the same way.

Now, fluff those poms! Start to separate the tissue from each other, and scrunch up the pom like when you used to put gel in your perm. Turn the pom upside down and shake it vigorously until it is the poofiness of your desire.

This is a great task to ask friends to help out with if you’re doing it for your own event. You could even throw together a few extra pom poms the day of the wedding while girls wait their turns for hair and makeup. (Though we never recommend waiting until the last minute for DIY décor, of course.)

Last, get ready to dance! :)