You guys — Labor Day is this weekend! Whether you plan to spend the day on a lake, at a park or in your backyard, you will love our last-minute DIYs that will step up your celebration game (or your bocce ball game). If you were up early this morning, you may have seen me on the TODAY Show offering easy projects for Labor Day. Here are 10 sure-fire ways to get your Labor Day festivities started.

1.The Ultimate Hot Dog Bar: Every Labor Day party needs an expansive spread of food. We suggest a full-on hot dog bar, equipped with toppings galore. Your friends and family will love making their own perfect dog. Our bar included the classics like ketchup and mustard, and we added some exciting extras like jalapeños and pepperoni.

2.Watermelon Grill + Fruit Skewers: As summer comes to an end, it’s important to savor the last of all the delicious seasonal fruit. To do so, we made fruit skewers for easy finger food. Stick them on the grill OR stick them on a watermelon grill which is an adorable centerpiece. Just hollow out half of a watermelon with a melon baller, poke three holes in the bottom and insert celery sticks. Add blackberries to your “grill” as the coal. Then use the watermelon balls on your skewers!

3.Corn Dog Cookies: No party is complete without dessert, so to stick with our hot dog theme, we made corn dog cookies. Bake sugar cookies, adding a bamboo stick before they go in the oven. Then frost them with peanut butter and add a swirl of yellow frosting.

4. Popsicle Garland: Moving away from the buffet, we’ve got some decorating tips starting with an adorable popsicle garland. And get this — we made it out of a pool noodle! Attach popsicle sticks to a section of noodle using hot glue. Then hang your “popsicles” on a string, adhering them with masking tape.

5. Pineapple Vases: Let’s talk flowers. They add so much color to a tablescape, they smell delicious and they are incredible eye candy. For a tropical flair, we’ve hollowed out a pineapple to use it as a vase. Your guests will be in awe. And you can add the pineapple to your skewers!

6. DIY Cooler: Okay, now onto the important part: drinks! Though summer is winding down, it will most likely be warm out for Labor Day, so it’s important to keep all of your beverages on ice. That’s why we made a tabletop cooler in a wine box. We are all about re-purposing, so we just love this idea. If your party is big, you can make a larger one in a planter box.

7. Floating Pool Cooler: For those of you who are lucky enough to be spending your holiday at a pool, this project is going to top them all. No need to get out of your inflatable donut to quench your thirst. Your cooler can float around and keep you company. Simply find a plastic container, string pool noodles onto twine and tie it around the outside of the container.

8. Ladder Ball: Not only do we like to feed our guests, but we also aim to entertain them. First off, we’ve got a new favorite game: ladder ball. To get started, head to the hardware store. Once you’ve got your materials, it’s a breeze to construct. To make one ladder, you will need nine 2-foot pieces of pipe, six 1-foot pieces of pipe, six T fittings and six elbow connectors. For the balls that you toss, you need a box cutter, large paper clip, twelve tennis balls and string. Cut small X incisions at the top and bottom of the tennis balls and then thread them onto the string with the help of the paper clip needle. Add two balls to each string and knot the string in order to hold the tennis balls in place.

9. Lawn Dominos: Who said dominos were only for indoor gaming? We made a huge version of the game for guests to enjoy out on the lawn. These are super easy to make. Just get three 10-foot 1×4 pieces of wood cut into 7-inch rectangles. Paint them, add dots and you are ready for domino action.

10. Giant Scrabble: In the same vein as dominos, we are bringing everyone’s favorite word game to the park. Get this — we used old linoleum flooring to create giant scrabble pieces. Just be sure you make the correct number of each letter. We are very serious about our scrabble scores :)

What will you be making for Labor Day this year? Share your ideas and party photos with us using the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative.