A lot of things determine how well a company does and how happy its employees are; competitive pay, how personally invested employee feel towards the company and work-life balance are all super important. According to this just-released list from LinkedIn of “2015’s Top 100 Most InDemand Employers.” there are some major companies out there who are getting it right.

This list is made up of the most sought-after companies by job applicants, with intel gathered by noting “billions of interactions from LinkedIn’s 380M+ members” which measured the percentage of “reach, engagement and job activity, measured by member interactions with employers’ company pages, employee profiles and job postings on LinkedIn.” Curious to see which companies made the cut? Here’s the list below with the number of employees each company currently employs. Did your company make the cut?

  1. Google: 59K employees
  2. Apple: 104K employees
  3. Facebook: 11K employees
  4. Microsoft: 117K employees
  5. Nike: 33K employees
  6. The Walt Disney Company: 28K employees
  7. Tesla: 12K employees
  8. Proctor & Gamble: 71K employees
  9. Starbucks: 57K employees
  10. Shell: 86K employees
  11. Amazon: 66K employees
  12. McKinsey & Company: 22K employees
  13. GE: 60K employees
  14. Johnson & Johnson: 571K employees
  15. Netflix: 2K employees
  16. Bloomberg LP: 16K employees
  17. Twitter: 4K employees
  18. Yahoo: 12K employees
  19. Under Armour: 4K employees
  20. Adobe: 13K employees
  21. BP: 64K employees
  22. Salesforce: 16K employees
  23. ESPN: 9K employees
  24. Pfizer: 75K employees
  25. Unilever: 68K employees
  26. Cisco: 81K employees
  27. SAIC: 21K employees
  28. Fox: 5K employees
  29. Sephora: 11K employees
  30. Lockheed Martin: 75K employees
  31. Samsung Electronics: 54K employees
  32. Boeing: 95K employees
  33. The New York Times: 4K employees
  34. Warner Bros. Entertainment Group and Companies: 6K employees
  35. BlackRock: 12K employees
  36. The Coca-Cola Company: 51K employees
  37. Goldman Sachs: 38K employees
  38. Electronic Arts: 11K employees
  39. L-3 Communications: 45K employees
  40. NBC Universal Media: 15K employees
  41. HBO: 3K employees
  42. Forbes: 1K employees
  43. Hewlett-Packard: 278K employees
  44. Hilton Worldwide: 32K employees
  45. Whole Foods Market: 20K employees
  46. IBM: 411K employees
  47. Oracle: 139K employees
  48. ExxonMobil: 40K employees
  49. Airbnb: 3K employees
  50. Sony Pictures Entertainment: 6K employees
  51. Halliburton: 48K employees
  52. CH2M: 17K employees
  53. VMware: 16K employees
  54. Disney ABC Television Group: 3K employees
  55. Viacom: 8K employees
  56. NetApp: 12K employees
  57. Razorfish: 2K employees
  58. Deloitte: 154K employees
  59. L’Oreal: 45K employees
  60. Stryker: 17K employees
  61. Epsilon: 8K employees
  62. EMC: 50K employees
  63. Honeywell: 39K employees
  64. Suncor Energy: 12K employees
  65. Ford Motor Company: 80K employees
  66. Thompson Reuters: 54K employees
  67. Intel Corporation: 91K employees
  68. Condé Nast: 4K employees
  69. Dell: 101K employees
  70. The Estée Lauder Companies: 4K employees
  71. Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts: 14K employees
  72. Chevron: 53K employees
  73. PepsiCo: 82K employees
  74. Marriott International: 37K employees
  75. Live Nation Entertainment: 8K employees
  76. Abbott: 45K employees
  77. Uber: 9K employees
  78. Novartis: 53K employees
  79. Accenture: 250K employees
  80. Target: 87K employees
  81. Discovery Communications: 5K employees
  82. Nordstrom: 27K employees
  83. Dropbox: 1K employees
  84. Verizon: 53K employees
  85. Pandora: 2K employees
  86. Jacobs: 65K employees
  87. J.Crew: 5K employees
  88. Nestlé: 80K employees
  89. Baker Hughes: 38K employees
  90. Coach: 6K employees
  91. McKesson: 50K employees
  92. Weatherford: 28K employees
  93. Sanofi: 48K employees
  94. Kiewit: 8K employees
  95. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: 1K employees
  96. Victoria’s Secret: 13K employees
  97. Medtronic: 35K employees
  98. Kellogg Company: 14K employees
  99. The Wall Street Journal: 2K employees
  100. Eli Lilly and Company: 30K employees

The largest company on this list by far is Johnson & Johnson (yes, the folks who promise you No Tears) with 571K employees. HOLY COW, that’s like a small country. And yet the co still clocks in within the top 15 — at #14 to be exact. On the other hand, the smallest companies to make the list are Forbes, Dropbox and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Hats off (and resumes in?) to everyone who made the list.

Do you work for any of these companies? What do you think of this list? Tell us in the comments below!

(Data via LinkedIn, photo via Getty)