In the scheme of things, kitchens may be one of the most difficult rooms in the house to remodel (especially if you’re a renter). But that doesn’t mean we don’t think about giving the heart of the home an update pretty much 24/7. And this year is no exception. We’ve seen so many incredible kitchen trends transpire in 2018, from the rise of moody blue shades to black sinks, but we’re ready to look forward. Wondering what’s going to be on tap trend-wise in 2019? We caught up with some of our favorite design pros to get the inside scoop. After one glance, you’re going to want to start planning a renovation, like, now.

1. Porcelain Faux Stone and Large-format Tile: Move over, basic white tile. Faux stone is back, according to Adam Meshberg of the Brooklyn-based architecture and interior design firm Meshberg Group. “Faux stone and large-format tile will soon replace natural materials like concrete or Italian white marble,” he says. Beyond just tile, porcelain is also set to be a major contender for countertops in 2019. “Because porcelain tile is low-maintenance (unlike natural stone), we recommend using porcelain tile as an alternative for stone countertops in the kitchen around the stove and sink. Porcelain tile doesn’t absorb like natural stone and is virtually indestructible and bulletproof in terms of oil stains, lemon juice, heat, and wine spills,” Meshberg explains. Low-maintenance and lovely to look at? Sign us up.

2. Gunmetal and Pewter: If you’re#TeamAllBrassEverything, this might come as a surprise. “Pewter and gunmetal is a trend we are loving. It’s not as harsh as matte black or specific as brass or gold, but it gives fixtures some texture and depth,” says Highlyann Krasnow, founder of Brooklyn-based interior design firm The Design High. “Normally people are worried about mixing metals, but gunmetal and pewter are a great alternative to brushed nickel since they still correspond with all of your typical appliances while adding a designer touch.” After brass and copper’s heyday, this switch-up is a welcome change.

3. Colored Cabinetry: If you’ve been living for the all-white cabinet look, we’re sorry to say that its days are numbered. “Many [homeowners] are beginning to incorporate colored cabinets in kitchens while moving away from all white cabinetry,” explains Ianniciello of Whitehall Interiors, a luxury interior design firm in Manhattan that specializes in custom furnishings. “Cabinetry in black and colors like deep or gray-washed blues and greens are in high demand.” We’re swooning over this bold, statement-making look, and honestly, it’s one of the more accessible DIYs on this list if you’re handy with a paintbrush.

3. Open Shelving: “[One] trend I’m seeing is replacing kitchen upper cabinets with metal, wood, or glass shelving,” says Ianniciello. “Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statement many people want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past. Whether it’s full-length or just a portion of the upper cabinets of a kitchen left uncovered, open shelves can be an interesting visual pop. The shelves can display objects, plants, artwork, or dinnerware to thoughtfully create a personalized accent in a kitchen of any style.” We’ve been loving this look for a minute already, mostly because it lets you show off your prized kitchen possessions in style, so we’re excited to see it going strong in 2019.

5. Wood: “Kitchens are less a laboratory and more like a library with warm wood and comfort in mind,” says Sybille Schneider of Leroy Street Studio, an architectural studio in NYC. In fact, natural surfaces, in general, are set to make a major resurgence. “Natural, organic materials — such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life — remind us of the exterior and bring the outside and nature in,” explains Angie Lee of FXCollaborativ, an architecture, planning, and interior design firm in Manhattan. Just add some decorative plants to complete the earthy look.

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(Images via The Meshberg Group, The Design High, Whitehall Interiors, and Vance Fox.)