If you’re a Starbucks customer, you probably know that we have just entered into the annual Pumpkin Spice Latte season. How do I even describe the PSL to someone who has never heard of it? I’ll give it a shot: it’s creamy, melts in your mouth, makes you feel warm and cozy inside, and gives you the Fall tingles (if that’s even a thing). This is largely the reason that so many people are addicted to them. A couple years ago, I was so addicted that I had to make a rule with myself that I could only buy two per week. It was getting out of control. I was obsessed!

As delicious as they are, the Pumpkin Spice Latte isn’t cheap. It costs over $3 a pop, not to mention the time and gas costs it takes to get to your local Starbucks. That’s why we here at Brit + Co. are super stoked to see that Starbucks has just launched a new Pumpkin Spice line of their instant coffee brand, Via. Now you can make PSLs from the comfort of your own kitchen! All you have to do is heat up a cup of milk and stir in the mix. It’s basically the new hot chocolate mix… but way better. Plus, a packet of six mixes will only set you back $8 — that’s less than it would cost to get three lattes from an actual Starbucks.

As for the nutritional value, one serving (not including milk) equals about 60 calories. So, with skim milk, you’d be adding on 150 calories per serving (be careful to add on the sugar count, though — there’s nearly 13g in the Pumpkin Spice packet alone). Okay, fine, we can all enjoy our homemade lattes after we run a couple of miles. Deal, everyone?

What do you think about this new line of make-at-home Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks? Are you willing to try it, or are you going to stick with the real deal?

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