By now, if you aren’t following the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on Instagram, you aren’t doing Instagram right. The TSA’s feed is filled with some *really* weird things people try to pass through airport security that make those mini-bottles of booze you sneak on look tame. Plus, their @AskTSA Twitter account lets you connect with security agents before you even get to the airport to see if your most questionable carry-ons are allowed on the flight. After scrolling these two social media goldmines, we were delightfully enlightened by some very odd, very fun things we never knew we could bring with us on the plane.

1.Pies and Cakes: This might just be the most delicious carry-on ever. You can pack your mom’s homemade pie or even carry your own cake to your destination wedding. That gooey deliciousness apparently doesn’t count as a liquid. Score.

2.Piñatas: What birthday bash or bachelorette party is complete without a piñata? That’s right, none. Next time you’re flying to celebrate your S.O., BFF, or yourself, bring the party with you and carry on a piñata. Bonus if you DIY-ed it.

3.Gaming Systems: If you’re heading back to your parent’s place for some QT with Mom and Dad but can’t quite figure out an escape plan for when family time becomes overwhelming, just pack your gaming system. Pick your poison: PS4, Xbox, or a vintage Nintendo — all are allowed on the plane.

4.Liquid Medicine: Okay, so this one isn’t weird, but it’s *really* useful. We all know the three-ounce liquid rule, but did you know that liquid medicines are exempt? You can travel with full-size containers of liquid medicine, but they must be inspected individually from your other smaller liquids. All you have to do is keep them in a separate plastic, zip-top bag and give the officer a heads up.

5. Menorahs: Traveling for the holidays? Take your menorah with you! TSA says you’re good to fly with a menorah and candles, but you’ll have to pick up a lighter at your final destination.

6. Live Plants: You can do more than swoon over those amazing succulents and cactuses you found at a Coachella nursery. With free reign to bring your green friends along for the flight, plants are about to be your new fave souvenir.

7. Portable Vacuums: We’re having a really hard time imagining why anyone would ever need to pack a portable vacuum in their carry-on, but hey, who are we to judge? TSA says portable vacuums will make it through security without a hitch.

8. Drones: If you hopped on the newest aerial video trend, TSA advises that drones will make it through security but not all airlines will allow you to bring them on board. To be sure, call your airline ahead of time and check their individual policy.

9.Knitting needles: There are few things that pass the time quite like knitting, so good news for all you creative spinners. Knitting needles and needlepoint items, including scissors under four inches, are allowed in your carry-on bag.

10.Ice Skates and Roller Blades: Continue your #fitlife on the road and pack your roller blades or ice skates with you. Exploring a new city on roller blades does sound pretty amaze, even if it looks a bit goofy.

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