If Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City can rock a turban, so can we! Today we’re making simple DIY turban headbands. These easy-to-make headdresses are not only adorable, but you can make one in fifteen minutes! If you need to add a little spice to your outfit, this accessory is for you.

 – fabric (one jersey, one cotton)

 – sewing machine

– pins

– iron

– fabric scissors


1. Fold your cotton fabric in half. It should be about 2-3 inches wide. Cut out a strip approximately two feet long.

2. Flip the folded fabric outside in and then sew along two of the open sides (the long one and one of the short sides). Now turn it inside out and iron flat. At this point you don’t need to sew the open end.

3. Cut a strip of jersey fabric about the same length and width as your cotton. No need to sew this one since the ends roll.

4. Wrap the two strips together simply linking them in the middle.

5. Measure the headband around your head for size and cut off any excess fabric at the bottom. Pin and sew the two ends together.

Pick out some cute cotton fabric. We made three different headbands so we went with polka-dots, stars and stripes and triangles. Fold your cotton in half and cut out a piece that is about two to three inches wide and two feet long.

Now fold it the other way with the print on the inside. Sew the long side and one of the short sides (if you don’t have a folded side, you’ll need to sew that, too). Turn your fabric inside out so that the pattern is showing. Iron this piece and set it aside.

Cut out a strip of jersey fabric. For this one we’re not doubling up the fabric so the cut should be the same width and length as your finished strip of cotton fabric. Now link these two pieces together in the middle (like they’re holding hands). Measure the headband around your head and then cut off any extra fabric from the ends. Pin the ends together and then sew! Headband complete!

So simple yet so stylish.

Tur-banding together. What a cute little team.

What summery DIYs are you cooking or sewing up at home? Share below or let us know if there’s something YOU want to see US make. We’ll totally do it ;)