The dating game is sometimes just that — a game. You meet someone great, you think they might like you too, but you end up questioning and picking apart every call or text. Aside from driving yourself nuts, it’s highly likely your friends are pretty done with analyzing your next move as well. Sometimes the best way to get out of your own head is to… ask a computer. That’s where Txtwar comes it.


After answering a few simple questions, the site will tell you just how long you ought to wait before you text that hottie you met on the bus back. According to the developers, they created this site because they want “people who worry about this issue to use this tool as a baseline instead of bothering their friends. They can just use this, wait the time and not worry about it.” And also, they hope that people will find this app “entertaining and funny.” And pretty entertaining it is.

To get you the answers you’re looking for, Txtwar will ask six simple questions like, “How strong of an opinion do you have of this person?” and “How long did it last take for your crush to text back?” Based on your responses and whatever nifty algorithm they’ve got in the app, the site will tell you how interested you really are and how long you should wait.


At the moment, the site is pretty heteronormative, but thankfully, the developers have addressed the issue. “As this is a new site, we are still making updates and changes,” they shared, and told us that they are actively working on tracks for all orientations.

Of course, the biggest thing to remember in the game of love is that there are no rules. Take this site for what it is — funny advice — and do whatever feels right for you.

Good luck out there <3

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