Dating is rough. In other news, pizza is delicious and water is wet. You may have read all the books about dating, or heck, maybe you’ve even read a book about reading all the books! You may have tried ALL the dating apps. However you got there, you may have arrived at the conclusion that there is no perfect formula for finding the love of our lives. This new study says that it’s the city you live in that may be cramping your dating style.

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel did a survey of their users and tallied the results to give some major insight into dating around the world. Their study found that Sydney, Australia is actually the easiest city to date in if you’re a woman. They don’t really offer any insight as to what makes dating easy in Sydney, but out of the 7,000+ users surveyed, it was the city that came out on top. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is the hardest city to date in if you’re a woman but the easiest to date in as a man.

Other notable stats from this (admittedly slightly dubious) study is that apparently London is the city where more women are most likely to have sex on the first date. The London ladies rated themselves as 36% more “adventurous” than women in fellow liberal cities like New York and San Francisco (15% and 14%, respectively).

The common denominator in all these cases is a big metropolitan area. If you live in a small town, the community might be tighter and you may have only the people you went to school with in your dating pool. Go west, young lady, or anywhere else with a big-city vibe, because apparently that’s where the loving is.

(Photo via m24instudio/Flickr, h/t Coffee Meets Bagel)