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How to Make an Ombre Wrap Rope Necklace

Nothing says summer better than a bold pop of color in your wardrobe, just the kind of playful feeling we want to keep alive in our outfits through fall. But don’t think that this calls for a complete head-to-toe overhaul — an accessory like this ombre wrap rope necklace will do just that!

DIY Style

How to Create Concrete Color Block Bangles

Just incase you haven’t checked your Pinterest feed lately, concrete is totally chic. From planters and vases to pendant lights, the industrial material has made the bold leap from handyman staple to statement piece like that. We’re just as taken with the gray grit as the rest of ya, so we’re using it to make these ultra modern color block bangles. All you need to get the oversized arm party started is a silicone bracelet mold (you can find ‘em on Etsy for fairly cheap) and a generous dusting of the easy-to-use material.

DIY Style