You have to carry your keys everywhere you go, so they ought to look good. And a minimalistic, nautical keychain is just the thing to keep you from misplacing them. This stunner demands attention wherever it’s tossed. We’re taking a minimalist macrame knot and giving it a makeover for 2015. Add soft pink details to create subtle spring vibes and gold accents for a super chic look. Your keys have never looked this stylish before.

Knotted Rope Keyring 6


— Rope

Knotted Rope Keyring materials

Cord ends

Key ring clasp

Embroidery floss

— E-6000 Craft Jewelry Glue


Knotted Rope Keyring tutorial 1

1. Cut a piece of rope about 25 inches long. Thread the rope through the key ring clasp so the two ends of the rope are the same length.

Knotted Rope Keyring tutorial steps 2-5 copy

2. To make the knot, pick up the rope on the right side of the key ring. Move the end over the top of the rope on the left side. Using your finger, pull part of the right rope underneath the left one, leaving the tail on the left-hand side to create a loop.

3. Holding the end of the rope from the left side of the keyring, bring the end underneath the loop you’ve just made and up through the gap between the left and right rope at the key ring.

Knotted Rope Keyring tutorial steps 6-9

4. Still holding the same end of the rope, bring it back down over the top and through the loop made by the right rope in step two. Pull all four ends tight, moving the knot toward the keyring.

Knotted Rope Keyring tutorial 10

5. Move the keyring to one side to get it out of the way for the floss. Tie the floss on to the left side of the loop. 3/4 of the way to top is a good starting point.

Knotted Rope Keyring tutorial steps 11-12

6. Wrap the floss around the rope, covering the tail completely until you reach the same point on the opposite side of the loop. Tie off tightly and thread the loose tail up under the wrapped floss to secure. Cut off the excess.

Knotted Rope Keyring tutorial 16

7. Cut off the ends of the rope to make them even and to your desired length.

Knotted Rope Keyring tutorial steps 18-21

8. Tie the floss one inch from the end of the rope. Wrap the floss toward the cut off. When you can’t wrap any farther, tie off and thread the excess under the wrapped floss like you did with the loop.

9. Spread the glue onto the end of the rope. Thread the cord end onto the rope to prevent fraying and to add a little bling. Repeat this step on the other side.

Knotted Rope Keyring 1

Make sure you leave the glue to dry before popping your keys on your new killer keychain.

Knotted Rope Keyring 2

If you’re not into pastel pink, that’s an easy enough fix. Just pick a different color floss. And if you happened to make one for all of your friends in their favorite colors, we have a feeling you’d get lots of accolades about how your crafting skills are off the chain. Go ahead and smirk and say, “I know.”

Knotted Rope Keyring 5

What color will you be making your keychain? Share a pic of your finished product with us in the comments below!