Take Note With This Stylish DIY Marbled Notebook
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Take Note With This Stylish DIY Marbled Notebook

Inspiration can hit at any time, so it’s important to have somewhere to jot down those lightbulb moments in a flash. Even though our phones are within reach at all times, there’s something special about using pen and paper to keep our thoughts safe and secure. And seeing as we’ve been loving all things marbled, from jewelry to jewelry trays and even clocks, we thought we’d give the humble but mighty notebook a rock-hard upgrade as well.


— notebook

— marbled contact paper

— scissors

— ruler


1. Begin by measuring the contact paper around the notebook. Lay it over the paper with about an inch to spare along the edge, leaving a small section of the top of the notebook uncovered.

2. Cut along the contact paper about an inch underneath the bottom edge of the notebook to the spine. Turn the notebook over, keeping the spine in place to measure the whole length. Continue to cut around the edges of the notebook, leaving an inch excess.

3. Once you’ve cut out your contact paper, peel back the edge of the paper and lay your notebook over the top, leaving an inch at one edge of the book. The other end should have contact paper coming out under the edge of the notebook.

4. Fold the sticky edge of the paper onto the inside of the notebook cover and press into place.

5. Turn the book over. While slowly peeling off the backing from the contact paper, use a ruler to press out any air bubbles. When you get to the spine, close the notebook and press the marbled paper down with your fingers.

6. Cut the excess paper from the corner of the notebook and the spine, and fold up onto the inside of the notebook.

7. Continue to press the paper around the book to the inside of the cover. Trim the excess at the spine and fold up into it.

Now your notebook is covered and you can start filling it up! Take it to your classes to have a unique notebook that everyone wants.

We never leave home without a notebook to jot down our plans and ideas when we’re on the go, so it’s important that it looks good and becomes an extension of whatever if is we’re wearing.

What are you going to put in your book? Tell us in the comments below.