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How to Make Hipster Holiday Stockings

While we love us a classy Christmas, it’s no secret that we’re gaga over color, color, and more color. And it turns out, we’re not alone. Read on as Brit + Co. contributor (and amazing event planner!) Jesi Haack shows us a super easy to create your own Hipster Holiday Stockings.

Home DIY

DIY Basics: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

You guys already know how we feel about making everyone jealous of your wedding, or any event for that matter. So, let’s pimp out your event by bringing in colorful décor in unexpected places. Dangle these champs over your dance floor, attach them to your chairs, drape them from an arbor for a wedding ceremony, […]


10 Clever Guestbooks That Look Nothing Like Guestbooks

We all want our weddings to be memorable, right? Well, in my humble opinion, the best way to your wedding one that stands out is by having your guests participate in every aspect of your event. With the guestbook, you have a chance at creating something personal to you and interactive for your guests. Your […]


Treat Your Backside to a Custom Colored Cushion

Spruce up your seats! Whether you are throwing an outdoor BBQ or a huge wedding, it’s easy to add a spark of your personality to your seats with a dose of scrappy DIY action. These are great to have on hand at home for last minute dinner parties or game nights and are a lot […]


Think Outside the Wedding Cake: 7 Creative Dessert Tables

Before we help you think outside the wedding cake, it’s time for a little history. Aside from being delicious and fluffy, the tradition of wedding cake dates back to Ancient Rome (in the form of bread broken over the bride’s head), Medieval England (stacked extremely high for the newlyweds to kiss over), and in France (where they turned a pile of sweet rolls into the first Croquembouche). But the point of traditions is to break them and make your own, right?


Paper Planes, Party Hats & More: 15 Ways to Decorate with Paper

Most great ideas start on paper. If you've already started planning your wedding, we're guessing you've got a journal full of ideas, assorted post-it notes and scrawled-on cocktail napkins, maybe even some Aqua Notes from moments of creative wedding brilliance in the shower. And, of course, the invitation. You never knew a piece of off-white […]


Add Rustic Charm to Your Wedding with Wood

Natural elements are always popular at weddings, from the flowers to the food, the more local the better. Wood, of course, is at the forefront of this theme and, thankfully, isn’t going away anytime soon. Best of all, wood can be found almost anywhere, is affordable, and will always be unique. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to go play in the woods to find the best pieces of wood for your wedding?


Lace Up Your Wedding: 6 DIY Projects

Lace. Simple, elegant, and classy. Your veil is likely made out of lace, your garter has a frill or two of lace here and there, and your dress quite possibly has a few layers of lace in the mix. But, what happens when you add lace to an array of non-traditional wedding DIY projects? Hip trendy gorgeousness, with just the right touch of old world romance.


Getting Playful With Polyfill For Your Big Day

You don’t have to be a craft genius to use this amazing material for personalizing your wedding. Whether you want to make custom pillows, stuffed letters, or a whimsical walkway, Polyfill can be your secret weapon in creating something dramatic and unique. Plus, it’s so easy to work with that it’s practically foolproof. You can find it at any craft or fabric store – you can even order it on Amazon. All you have to know is how to STUFF. Combine with some custom fabric printed by Spoonflower, and you’ve got yourself a killer one-two punch.