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Shop-Class Chic: DIY Wood Projects for Women

Wood is one of our favorite materials for DIYing, thanks to its versatility and ease of use. It’s porous, so it’s takes paint easily, and you can use it as the base for projects ranging from home decor to personal style. Whether you’re a light crafter or a power-tool pro, there’s a wood project that’s […]

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The Ultimate DIY Desk: Make It in a Weekend

When it comes to a functional desk, you basically need two things: ample surface space and oodles of storage. Some of the most expensive, high-end desks on the market lack one or both of these things. So we suggest dedicating a weekend to making a DIY desk using two (or technically three) simple materials: a pair […]

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Easter Egg Designs That Are Seriously Chic

There are Easter eggs for creative kids — something tells us it’ll be all about the Minions this year — and then there are Easter eggs for full-grown fashionistas. This season, bypass childhood nostalgia and opt for Easter egg designs that are totally haute. 1. Glitter Easter Eggs Leave it to Martha to master the glitter-coated Easter egg (I mean, […]

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Bridal Shower Ideas That Are Actually Fun

We’ve all been there: Watching the bride-to-be giddily unwrap each and every gift while we politely sip our mimosas. Or enduring the fifth “how well do you know the bride?” or “what’s inside your purse?” game this year alone. If you’re planning a bridal shower, skip the clichés and try these bridal shower ideas that […]

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Quick, Easy Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

Here’s the conundrum: You want to look cute, but you also want to get out the door in time. Maybe you woke up late, forgot to make your lunch the night before, or totally misjudged the amount of time you had to get ready for your friend’s birthday dinner. No sweat: Here are easy hairstyles […]

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6 Medium Hairstyles That’ll Transform Your Look in Minutes

One of these medium hairstyles just might be the look that takes you from same-old-‘do to “Is that you?!”


Here’s Why Brides Wear White Dresses to Their Weddings

Not every bride wears white to her wedding. Some notable celebs who eschewed white dresses at their nuptials include Jessica Biel, who opted for a pink frock when she wed Justin Timberlake; Shenae Grimes, who rocked a gunmetal-grey ensemble when she married Josh Beech; and Avril Lavigne, who dared to don black when to her […]

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5 Creative Pizza Toppings for Vegetarians

Having given up meat pretty recently (and feeling real good about it, tbh), I find myself on the constant lookout for new and delicious foods that will keep my diet adventurous and satisfying. Pizza is a personal fave, and a cheese slice is pretty much the perfect food — but pizza toppings just make pizza more interesting, and […]

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Easy Easter Egg Decorating That Don’t Use Dye

Any savvy DIYer know there’s life beyond store-bought dye kits when it comes to Easter egg decorations. So we went on the hunt for some of the most innovative and impressive ways to embellish eggs you’ll be stoked to display on your Easter table. Here are our 5 favorite Easter egg decorations that don’t use an ounce of dye.

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Pro-Level Photoshoot Ideas for Newbies

So you’ve got a brand-new camera and no idea what to start shooting or how. No worries, shutterbug. It’s all about practice. Whether you’re shooting people, food, animals, fashion, or even giving someone direction on how to photograph you, there are plenty of techniques that professional photographers employ to make pics pop. Borrow some photoshoot ideas from those who’ve mastered the art.

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Hair Moisturizer: Essential Tips and Products to Fix Dry Hair

Some of us seem blessed with hair straight of a shampoo commercial. Others have to work a little harder to hydrate our tresses and keep our manes looking shiny and nourished. Dry hair is a common problem, and the cures involve both using the right hair moisturizer and adopting healthy-hair habits. Finding the Best Hair Moisturizers: Products to use […]

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