Any savvy DIYer knows there’s life beyond store-bought dye kits when it comes to Easter egg decorations. So we went on the hunt for some of the most innovative and impressive ways to embellish eggs you’ll be stoked to display on your Easter table. Here are our 5 favorite Easter egg decorations that don’t use an ounce of dye.

pointillism Easter eggs deco pens

1. Pointillism Easter Eggs

What is pointillism, you ask? Well, it’s the art of using dots to create a design — and it’s a lot simpler than it looks to create gorgeous patterns like this by hand. All you need are paint pens, stickers, and, of course, clean, dry eggs. Place one or more stickers of various shapes — stars, letters, hearts, or whatever you have on hand — then carefully use your paint pen to dab dots into either concentrated or sparse patterns around your sticker. When you remove the sticker, you’ll be left with negative “white” space that enhances your design.

temporary tatoo easter eggs

2. Temporary-Tattoo Easter Eggs

Nope, temporary tattoos aren’t just for toddlers. At your local craft store, you can find plenty of options that don’t involve Disney princesses or Pixar characters (unless that’s what you’re looking for, which is also fine!). Adult-friendly temporary tattoos exist — and they’re awesome. The ones we used here are gold temporary tattoos by the stylish online shop Tattly. To create these, press the tattoo onto a clean, dry egg, and cover the tattoo with a wet paper towel held in place for 30 to 60 seconds. It should transfer on one ultra-chic piece.

sculpey easter eggs

3. Sculpey Easter Eggs

Want to craft Easter eggs that positively pop with color? Sculpey is the way to go. Sculpey is a kind of polymer clay that’s super fun to work with. To decorate Easter eggs like the ones above, you’ll need Sculpey (obviously), an X-acto knife, and blown eggs (learn how to blow out an egg here). Roll out cylinders of the clay and use your X-acto knife to cut them to the sizes you prefer, then let your imagination run wild. Once you’ve covered your blown-out eggs in Sculpey, bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Talk about cooking up creativity!

gem bejeweled Easter eggs

4. Bejeweled Easter Eggs

You can call these gem-encrusted Easter eggs a sparkly offshoot of Fabargé eggs, but we prefer to refer to them in one word: glam. To make them, you’ll need gems, a hot glue gun, and something to stabilize your clean, dry egg (the carton itself makes a good egg-holder). Gluing and applying the gems one-by-one may be just a tad painstaking, but the results are so very worth it. We mean, just look at this thing. Werk!

string-wrapped easter eggs

5. String-Wrapped Easter Eggs

Whether you’re craving a minimalist-chic Easter-egg design or you’re short on time (this project takes less than 5 minutes), string-wrapped Easter eggs are your jam. We also dig the rustic appeal of this look. All you need, besides eggs of course, is embroidery floss and a hot-glue gun. What could be simpler? Wrapping the whole egg in string? Well, you can do that too!

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