tapas recipes, no-cook

Who doesn’t love small plates? They’re great for entertaining, an easy way to try out everything on the menu, plus: portion control! These tapas recipes take our passion for this Spanish-inspired tradition to the next level: they all require no cooking, but are super impressive regardless. Do I smell a tapas party brewing??

1. Triscuits with Cucumber, Mint, and Feta

Feta cheese is strong on flavor, so the refreshing bite of mint is a fierce competitor in this bite-sized tapas recipe. Cucumber tones down the flavor and adds an oh-so satisfying crunch factor, as do the Triscuits that provide a sog-proof base for these divine finger foods.

2. Marinated Olives

There’s no cooking involved here, but you do have to pull off a little make-ahead magic. Don’t you dare go the store-bought route, because this Spanish staple is way too easy to make yourself. Just marinate with orange peel, garlic, red onion, herbs and extra virgin olive oil. (Via Dance of Saucepans)

3. Cheese-Stuffed Caperberries

First thing’s first: caperberries are not capers. Though caperberries come from the same plant as capers, but they’re actually small, green, stemmed fruits that resemble peppers. They do share a similarly acidic, salty flavor to capers, which we find pretty tasty. Combined with a soft cheese, sherry vinegar, and lemon juice, these savory bites are guaranteed to disappear fast — so make a lot! (Via La Tienda)

4. Olive Tapenade on Melba Toast

If you’ve got a food processor, you can DIY a delicious tapenade that’s restaurant-worthy. If you’re down to slice and toast some bread, have at it — but if you’re truly looking to go the no-cook route, pre-made toasts, like Melba toast, provide that crunch your homemade spread is seeking. (Via Costco Diva)

5. Manchego Cheese with Quince

The mild, savory flavor of manchego cheese layered beneath a slice of quince — the sweet gel-like preserve made from the fruit of same name — offers satisfyingly soft textures and a complementary flavor combo. (If you haven’t noticed yet, we like cheese.) (Via The Best Spanish Recipes)

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