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Boho Is Better: 5 Statement Pieces That Create the Look

Boho style is funky, colorful and eclectic. What I love about Boho design and decor is that you can use almost any accessory you have to get the look. Queue up those thrifted frames, your favorite throw, grandma’s hand-me-down wooden coffee table and we’re ready for action! If you want to create a look from the ground up, we’ve provided you with some fundamental inspiration to get you started.


Stylized Geometry: 10 Home Decor Ideas You Need to See

Whether or not you’re embracing Moroccan or Greek roots, there’s no denying the beauty in a colorful print! Believe us when we tell you, these graphic prints have come a long way since you were snoozing through your high school Geometry class. We’re giving you a complete inspiration guide filled with geometric accessory ideas for your home and even more ideas to add a unique touch to that bare bones room you’ve been wondering what to do with.


23 Accent Pillows You Can’t Live Without

The term “throw pillows” simply fails to justify the power these fluffy accessories really have. Adding one or two interesting pillows can instantly cozy up a room and complete the look without spending thousands of dollars on furniture. If you don’t have the funds to invest in a few good pillows, we’ve loaded you up with tons of DIY ideas and a few splurge-worthy options!


7 Stunning Bar and Counter Stools

We’ve let you in on some great ways to create your own beautiful bar at home and we’re back to pull the entire look together. If you’ve made the decision to create an in-home bar and started devising your own special cocktail menu, you don’t want to skimp out on boring bar chairs. Great bar stools are worth the investment and trust me, you’ll want to sit proudly while sipping your favorite, fancy cocktail. Without further adieu, my top picks for blissful bar stools:


5 Decorating Hacks for Small Bedrooms

Designing a space can be overwhelming, especially one that seriously lacks in square footage. But don’t sweat it. We’re here to help. Like that time we showed you clever solutions for small spaces, this time we’re back to kick up your interior design skills with five foolproof tips for a creating the illusion of a more spacious bedroom.