After a day at the beach or a night of particularly heavy sleep, you might have some trouble getting a brush through your frizzed-out, matted hair. Although annoying and inconvenient, it’s nothing a little water, detangling spray, and conditioner can’t fix. However, for a very small population of the world, there’s no “easy fix” product to change their texture to make it smooth and tame, because it’s a real, diagnosed disease.

According to the National Institute of Health, Uncombable Hair Syndrome is a collection of gene mutations that affects around 100 known people in the world. It affects young kids and takes the form of blonde, very frizzy hair. It gives a kind of cool, mad scientist vibe when it grows out.

Before you think of the syndrome as an inconvenience, meet Shilah Calvert Yin, a seven-year-old with UHS has made the most of the condition. She has taken to Instagram to show off her enviable hairstyles, even telling The Daily Mail that her friends are jealous of her unique locks.

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New braids! #uncombablehairsyndrome

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While most people would do anything to tame the wild locks, scientists say there’s no cure for the syndrome, and Calvert Yin doesn’t seem to want to try.

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