Unicorns are the stuff of dreams for every Lisa Frank fangirl and gal with a glitter obsession, us included! With the official scientific discovery that unicorns existed IRL, it’s time to actively bring more unicorns into your life RN. The first step is to surround yourself with lovely rainbow palettes, iridescent metallics and everything else inspired by these magical animals. Whether you’re looking for some cool additions to your home decor or you just want to party, here are 21 DIY projects guaranteed to satisfy your unicorn obsession. These whimsical DIYs will make your fairytale dreams come true.


1. DIY Unicorn Lamp: When was the last time you hit up the Barbie aisle at the toy store? Channel all your childhood dreams and fantasies with a seriously chic take on a unicorn bedside table lamp. Perf pink hair required. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Miniature Unicorn Piñatas: The only thing better than a piñata is a teeny, tiny piñata you can keep on your desk. Whether or not you stuff these guys with candy, they would be adorable party favors for that unicorn-themed party you know you want to host. (via A Subtle Revelry)


3. DIY “Stained Glass” Unicorn: Use colorful gel filters to recreate a childhood craft and make this “stained glass” version of a unicorn. It would be a great decoration for a unicorn party, but it would be just as cute hanging in your bedroom window. (via Oh Happy Day)


4. DIY Unicorn Costume: There’s no reason to wait until Halloween to make this awesome unicorn costume. Bring more magic into your life with a rainbow tail and a technicolor horn, and then get your fellow unicorn lovers together for a seriously cool photo shoot. (via Studio DIY)


5. DIY 3D Paper Unicorn Head: The classic deer head is so last year. Switch up your gallery wall with a white unicorn head. Whatever you do, don’t forget the sparkly gold horn. (via Bespoke Bride)


6. DIY Unicorn Glitter Shakers: First question: Who needs salt and pepper when you can fill these shakers with glitter or sprinkles? After all, unicorns are far too magical to be relegated to the kitchen table. Add an element of whimsy to your craft table or baking cupboard with a set of these thrifted unicorns. (via A Bubbly Life)

Unicorn Horn Headband Tutorial Tikkido (4 of 4)(1)

7. DIY Felt Unicorn Headband: Whether you’re planning a unicorn-themed birthday party for your BFF or your kiddos, these unicorn headbands are definitely a must-have. Add some sparkles and felt flowers for optimum *magical wonder* before sending your unicorns off to the photo booth. (via Tikkido)


8. DIY Unicorn Pillow ($6): Need to add a punch of personality to your couch, armchair, or bed? Forget about all those typical square pillows and DIY something a little more whimsical. Pick up the instructions and pattern for this pillow from Etsy for the ultimate cuddle buddy.


9. Paper Mache Unicorn Head: The faux taxidermy trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily, it’s easy enough to DIY a chic white version with a few supplies from the craft store and some easy paper mache techniques. Finish off the head with a glittery gold horn and a colorful plaque when you mount him on the wall. (via The Little Umbrella)


10. DIY Free Printable Unicorn Party Invites: You can’t throw a proper unicorn party without an epic invite. Opt for these adorable printable invites that you can print off for free. The best part? The little iridescent wings that move reveal the party details. (via Oh Happy Day)


11. DIY Unicorn Dog Costume: A unicorn might be your dream pet, but your pooch will do in a pinch. Deck her out in a shiny purple horn and a tail of twisty, rainbow pipe cleaners. (via Live Colorful)

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.17.03 PM

12. DIY Unicorn Sock Plushie iPhone Charger: Juice up your phone after a long Instagram sesh with this totally adorable DIY unicorn charger. This tutorial will show you how to do everything from sewing together a plush unicorn to hiding the charger right under the flowing purple tail. (via 2 Cats & 1 Doll)


13. DIY Seahorse Unicorn Piñata: It’s not a fiesta until you break out the piñata. To get yours looking as awesome as this sparkly seahorse unicorn, use iridescent cellophane and tissue paper in a variety of pastel colors and layer on the sequins to look like seahorse scales. (via Oh Happy Day)


14. DIY Unicorn Party Favor: You can’t have a unicorn party without a few unicorn party favors. Pick up a few plastic unicorn toys, spray paint them gold and then glue each one to a lid of a mini jar. Fill them with sparkly unicorn “slime,” and when the slime is gone, these jars can be reused to store craft supplies or jewelry. (via Glitter Party)


15. DIY Wood Burned Unicorn Spoons: Bring the magical vibes right into the kitchen with these wood-burned spoons. Who knows, maybe the power of the unicorn will help you turn out some Pinterest-worthy desserts this summer. (via Happy Hour Projects)


16. Unicorn Embroidery Hoop: This embroidered unicorn isn’t available to purchase anymore, but it totally looks DIY-able, especially after you check out these embroidery tutorials or our awesome new embroidery class. Backstitch the outline of the unicorn and then make lots of tiny flowers for a cute piece of nursery wall art. (via Coco’s Hoopla)

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.24.16 PM

17. DIY Cute Unicorn Stress Ball: Nothing says buh-bye stress like a unicorn. Bring your buddy to work with you in the form of this glittery stress ball that you can squeeze when those emails just won’t stop rolling in. (via Cute Life Hacks)


18. Little O and Co. Unicorn Banner (sold out): You can’t buy this unicorn banner (boo!), but it looks like an easy DIY project. Stock up on sheets of pastel felt and then sew or glue the pieces onto a plain canvas banner. Don’t forget the gold foil for the horn and a few rhinestones on the butt!


19. DIY Unicorn Jewelry Dish: Don’t even think about passing up this unicorn ring dish that’ll hold all of your playful rings and colorful bobby pins. The best part about this project is picking what color to paint the toy horse. Hot pink? Gold? Mint green? The struggle is real. (via Horses & Heels)


20. DIY Unicorn Water Bottle: Even unicorns gotta stay hydrated to keep their flowing manes in tip-top shape. Convince yourself to drink more water by fancying up your water bottle with metallic permanent vinyl and this free printable. (via Nicole Dawn Designs)


21. DIY Unicorn Piñata: This sparkly unicorn piñata is almost too pretty to beat with a bat. The best part about this project is that you don’t have to start from scratch: Just make over a donkey or horse piñata with iridescent foil and a rainbow mane. (via Oh Happy Day)

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