By now, we shouldn’t be surprised by the plethora of colorful, artistic food designs that go viral on Instagram. First, there were unicorn cakes, and then, there was unicorn hot chocolate. THEN, our lives were *forever* changed when the trend branched out into other fairy-tale realms, and mermaid toast and mermaid cakes were born. But all of this stuff was breakfast or dessert fare… now, the colorful food trend has made its way to the final frontier: dinner. Wait for it: UNICORN NOODLES ARE HERE. And here are 10 of our favorite pics of it.

1. Eat the Rainbow: Feast your eyes on this cornucopia of noms, including not just unicorn-hued noodles, but also peppers, baby corn, miso, green onions, lime, and nori (that is, seaweed). Considering that the more colorful the plate is, the more nutritious it will be, this is a helluva healthy meal.

2. Natural Beauty: If you thought all sorts of weird dyes were used to make these beautiful pasta creations, you’d be wrong. In fact, all you have to do is boil a purple cabbage until the natural phytonutrients (those healthy nutrients that give plants their color) start turning the water blue. Let some clear glass noodles soak in the water for roughly 10 minutes, and then squeeze lemon juice over the regions you’d like to turn pink or purple.

3. Shades of Blue: If you’d like to make your noodles a lighter blue — think almost green — color, you need only dilute the purple cabbage in a little extra water. Then you can make rockin’ combos like this guy right here.

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4. Cotton Candy: Yep, you can go really light with your hue if you want, making your pasta look like a bonafide cotton candy dinner. Insert heart-eyes emoji here.

5. Top It Off: No dinner creation is complete without an elegant and beautiful presentation. This is what we call a plate setting: The pasta dish is made *incredible* by the rose-inspired avocado placement and the colorful blood oranges.

6. Pasta in Pink: This pretty, feminine bowl of pink and purple noodles is the stuff of dreams. Serve it at a pink-themed baby or bridal shower for a completely showstopping meal idea.

7. Flower Power: These pretty pastas are wrapped in a clear spring roll and sprinkled with flower petals. Make them with edible flowers to keep the whole scene drool-worthy.

8. Heart Beet: We absolutely love how a heart-shaped beet rounds off this romantic and gorgeous plate of unicorn pasta. You can keep this super simple by buying canned veggies, but there’s nothing like the taste of a fresh, seasonal beet.

9. The Perfect Pasta: Here’s the best thing about unicorn noodles: They’re made from good, old-fashioned glass noodles, so they can go in literally any pasta creation you can dream up! Over top mixed veg and chicken is a perfect choice.

10. Summer Rolls: You’ve heard of spring rolls, of course — but what about SUMMER rolls? That’s what these right here are. (Spoiler: They’re essentially spring rolls with natural unicorn dye, but we’re not complaining.)

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