Everyone fell hard for the pastel rainbows and fairy-tale creatures trends that dominated Instagram last summer. First it was unicorn ice cream, then cotton candy cones, then fairy floss desserts. Well, prepare to meet your winter fixation. Hot on the heels of the crazy cocoa with fancy marshmallows trend comes an even more magical cocoa creation. These 15 Instagrammers just upped the game with *unicorn* hot chocolate.

1. Pastel Rainbow Spread: Oh, em, gee — unicorn cake, unicorn milkshakes AND unicorn hot chocolate. This spread is a unicorn bonanza!

2. Pink Unicorn Dreams: The only thing cuter than this unicorn hot chocolate is the sweet polka-dot teacup it’s served in. That pink striped paper straw is a plus — now you can nab a taste of the cocoa without disturbing the lovely marshmallows.

3. Fairy Floss Topper: This cup of cocoa is fit for a princess. With the pink glitter, dipped pretzel, rainbow cookie and fairy floss garnish, it’s *almost* too pretty to eat.

4. Pink Peppermint: This pink cocoa is made even sweeter with the addition of giant marshmallows. Go on and give it a stir with that peppermint spoon and spread all that pink minty goodness around.

5. FrostedRim: This cup of pink hot chocolate could not be cuter, with its festive rim of pink jimmies. Bookmark this one for Valentine’s Day — and drink it in bed!

6. Unicorn Sprinkles: This is one nice cuppa to come home to after a long day at work. Now have a seat in your fave spot with your feet propped up, and give this magical elixir your full and complete attention.

7. Cream and Sugar: Look at that mound of pastel marshmallow-fetti. You can tell that those little pink hearts will taste just like tutti frutti.

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8. Unicorn Dust: This cuppa has both the gold AND the rainbow in one. We don’t know if unicorn dust has the same magic as fairy dust, but you’re about to find out.

9. Snowy Delight: This frothy cuppa is totally reminiscent of an ice cream float, but this one will make you feel warm all over. We know! Unicorn hot chocolate just became *the* number-one reason winter is your fave season.

10. Unicorn Tears: This pink hot chocolate is as delicious to look at as it is to drink. These tears are tears of joy!

11. Pretty in Pink: Is there a pink hot chocolate messenger service yet? Because you need this in your life right now — breaking into your meeting and taking over the agenda.

12. Mason Jar Love: Will you eat those chocolate-strawberry marshmallows in one bite, blending the flavors? Or will you eat one flavor side followed by the other, to keep the flavors distinct? Try it both ways PLEASE and report back immediately.

13. Chocolate Break: Move over latte. Unicorn hot chocolate is officially the new BEST pick-me-up for the four o’clock afternoon energy slump.

14. Decisions, Decisions: Will you have the traditional hot chocolate, with an Oreo cookie rim? Or will you have the unicorn hot chocolate? There’s obviously no wrong answer here.

15. Al Fresco: The first time you try a unicorn hot chocolate, invite a few friends over. Because magic this delicious simply must be shared.


16. Unicorn Coffee?: If hot chocolate isn’t your thang, there could still be a unicorn in your future. It pays to make friends with your barista.

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