The Lisa Frank fan in all of us wants prettier, sweeter, more colorful treats than ever before, and the Internet never disappoints. From fairy floss desserts to rainbow cotton candy ice cream, the future is looking bright. If you’re finally ready to throw a magical unicorn party, do not overlook the CAKE! Instagram is *losing* its collective mind over super-pretty unicorn cakes, each rocking the daintiest cute-eyes we’ve ever seen. Check out 12 of the sweetest, rainbow-brightest, most pretty-eyed unicorn cakes in all of the land.

1. Tiny Gold-Rimmed Cake: This adorable little cake is perfect for a small gathering of unicorn lovers, or even the top tier of a wedding cake. Her mane is gold, blue, pink and purple-toned, as are the stars that speckle her face.

2. Rainbow Mane and Gold Eyes: What sets this lovely girl apart is her brightly toned mane, which bursts with colors of pastel green, yellow, pink, blue and purple. Her golden eyes, ears and horn don’t hurt the look, either. SO PRETTY!

3. Big-Eyed Silver and Cream: This elegant design is quite minimalist in style, which makes these big cute-eyes stand out even more. The striking silver horn is graced by a piped pink-and-blue curly mane.

4. Just a Hint of Unicorn: This demure unicorn is just peeking out at you a little. Her mane is more boldly hued and — bonus — topped with confetti!

5. Standing Tall: This cutie may LOOK similar to some of our other picks, but her size tells a different story. We also love how her silvery cone stands super tall above her. (And bonus points for the macaron cake to her right!)

6. Magnificent Mane: This mane is bigger and more elaborate than other examples we’ve seen. The blue and pink piping basically covers the top of the cake, and descends down in front of the unicorn’s eyes. This is truly a unicorn queen.

7. Flower Power: Speaking of magical manes, this one takes the concept to a whole new level. Pink, purple, blue and yellow flowers cover the top and sides of this pretty lady, while pink and white frosted ears stand out among the foliage. You almost don’t notice the pretty cute-eyes beneath.

8. PinkBow and Cream: This unicorn has few frills. She’s decked out in cream-colored frosting with only a pretty pink bow to decorate her lovely mane. But her silvery horn, curly hair, pretty eyes and cute ears are not to be overlooked!

9. Confetti Cake: In addition to a horn, a multi-hued mane and dripping pink frosting, this lovely lady has a bunch of colorful confetti thrown into the mix. There’s A LOT going on here, but we’re not complaining.

10. Magical Elegance: One of the more understated looks on our list, this unicorn’s eyes are just a pretty black line atop a smooth cream icing. She still stands out amid a big spread of rainbow-colored desserts.

11. Baby Cakes: Something about this cake’s pastel-toned horn and tiny eyes looks extremely youthful. This would make for a SUPER adorable baby shower cake.

12. High Fashion: This beauty is a STUNNER. Her mane isn’t simply piped with different colors… It’s made of gently hued, rainbow frosting. The unicorn’s horn is an elegant shade of gold, as are her eyes, which are painted on (rather than piped).

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