The first mass-produced Valentine’s Day cards were launched by Hallmark in 1913. Before commercial greeting cards came on the scene, if you wanted to confess your feelings to your sweetheart, you made him or her a Valentine yourself. We think there’s something ineffably sweet about a homemade valentine.

You may worry that coming up with ideas for a card would be difficult. But it isn’t really. Take these 30 very clever DIY Valentine’s for elementary school kids. It’s clear that valentine makers heart puns. Almost any good knock-knock joke could be turned into a valentine.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

I’m bananas over you.

You get the drift.

If your card is for an adult, you can have even more fun with it. Take inspiration from these 20 very quirky valentines. I love you “like zombies love brains”. Hah! See, it doesn’t really have to make sense. Take a favorite character from a book or TV series, say Game of Thrones, and apply the “I love you like” meme to it.

I love you like… Tyrian Lannister loves wine. If you love the idea of a DIY card for your Netflix binge-watching honey, but you’re clean out of DIY ideas, go on and support an indie card line. Here are 13 cards ideal for TV binge-watchers.

Word games not your thing? You can always state your love in a crafty printable. Here are 15 valentine’s printables with free downloads and one is more clever than the next. Go on, you know you want to.

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