The new year is here, new year鈥檚 resolutions are in full swing and the next holiday in the lineup is almost upon us: Valentine鈥檚 Day. Whether you鈥檙e looking to shower your beau with love or gift something lovely to a special guy friend who has weathered approximately 1,000 breakups with you, we鈥檝e got you covered with creative Valentine鈥檚 Day gift ideas for him. Any of these unique gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your fave dude鈥檚 face.


1. Mantis Chair ($120): Whether your guy loves to camp or just moved into a new place and is procrastinating getting furniture, this multipurpose chair is where it鈥檚 at.

leather flask

2. Custom Leather-Wrapped Flask ($32): Not only is this leather-wrapped flask one of the most stylish things on the planet, but it鈥檚 also customizable. Adorn it with his initials, a short love note or an inside joke and stay on his mind wherever he goes.


3. Mantry Subscription ($85): Dudes are notoriously bad at feeding themselves. If your beau falls into that category, this Mantry subscription is the perfect gift. Each box includes six full-size artisan food products from around America, delivered right to your guy鈥檚 door.

portable record

4. Portable Chalkboard Turntable ($99): This is perfect for the music-loving guy in your life. The chalkboard finish lets you add a little note, keep track of playlists or doodle a custom design.


5. Key TrackR Bravo ($30): This chic silver circle will ensure that the forgetful guy that you love will never lose his keys again. Bonus: It works the other way around too! If your guy misplaces his phone, all he has to do is press the tracker and his phone will ring. Genius.


6. Grilling Turner ($25): The tongue-in-cheek marketing of this turner is too good 鈥 aromatherapy for men = burgers. The built-in bottle opener is the cherry on top of this must-have, all-in-one grilling essential.


7. Urbanears Headphones ($5o): Move over, standard earbuds. These headphones will take your guy鈥檚 music listening to the next level. It even includes a splitter for music sharing that鈥檚 easy as pie.


8. Keysmart Organizer ($20): This isn鈥檛 your standard keychain. Its minimal design collapses up to four keys, slimming cluttered key chains down to a one-piece wonder.


9. Fick鈥檚 Hangover Prevention ($23): This set of two cocktail fortifiers not only adds flavor to drinks, but stops hangovers before they begin. If you鈥檝e got a mixologist in your life, this is the gift for him.

beer coaster

10. Beer Coasters ($35): These certainly aren鈥檛 your grandmother鈥檚 coasters. The gorgeously designed furniture-savers come with their own bamboo stand to show them off properly.

custom collar

11. Custom Collar Stays ($92): Awwww. Engrave these custom collar stays with anything from a love note to an inside joke and add a personal touch to your guy鈥檚 daily duds.


12. BBQ Sauce Trio ($24): It鈥檚 endless summer when there鈥檚 barbeque sauce involved, even in the middle of frigid February. We can already smell the pork sliders and baked beans.

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