If you’ve ever let your dog loose in the car on a trip, you probably know that the little guy winds up slipping on the floor or slamming into your seat with every red light, emergency brake and last minute turn you make. Loose pets in the car can be super dangerous for them and for you, as both of you need to stay protected in case of an emergency. We have seat belts (and we hope you’re wearing yours), but what about our furry friends? We’d like to introduce you to Variocage: the safest crate on the market that’s built to fit perfectly in the back of your car.

Built to hold either cats, dogs or both, Variocage from MIM Construction is crash tested and approved. It features telescoping poles and crumple zones, so nothing but the cage takes the impact of a fender bender, accident or full-on crash. It’s totally adjustable to fit whatever size trunk you have, and it nests neatly back there with suitcases, shopping bags, furniture or whatever else you’re haulin’ around on a daily basis. It connects to the anchor points in the car with load-tested straps, and even has an emergency escape hatch for your buddy (you know… just in case).

The crate comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, and can either be a single cage or a double cage, depending on how many furry friends you’re cartin’ around. And there’s a whole line of super cool add-ons like leash hooks, a hanging water bowl and a protective roll mat that make this crate not only safe but practical, too.

We love pets here at Brit + Co. So much, in fact, that you’ve probably seen our own featured in dozens of our DIY tutorials and roundups. So it’s safe to say that we always welcome a good heads-up when something newer and safer comes on the market for them. Variocage not only protects our buds from getting hurt in an accident, but it is also the safest way for them to travel.

Variocage can be purchased from Mighty Mite Dog Gear, with prices starting at $748 for an XS single sized crate and going up to $1,275 for a XXL double sized crate. Might sound hefty, but we think it’s tough to put a price on your pet’s safety!

Check out this video for a detailed demonstration of how Variocage works:

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(h/t Bless This Stuff)