The next time you order a loaded Bloody Mary with a rich tomato-y base, herbs and veggies, consider it to be a skinspirational drink. That’s right: Good-for-you products packed with vegetables are the latest and greatest when it comes to skincare trends. Instead of adding superfoods to your grocery list, try adding them to your skincare routine.


I chatted with Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, co-CEOs and co-founders of natural Korean skincare and beauty ecommerce site Glow Recipe, about why exactly we all should be putting vegetables on our faces. “The thinking behind veggies for the skin is from a holistic view of beauty,” Sarah told us. “We know to consume and drink these greens for their healthful benefits, and the next evolution of this trend is products that harness the benefits of vegetables in skincare.” Here’s why and how Christine and Sarah say you should be putting vegetables on your face.


We’ve all heard about the latest superfood crazes, but did you know that superfood trends also go hand-in-hand with skincare? “The hottest vegetables in skincare are the veggies known as ‘superfoods,’ like artichoke and parsley,” Christine told us. “Artichoke is dense in vitamins and antioxidants and is a great ingredient to keep skin firm and youthful. Parsley is usually the garnish you throw away, but it’s actually very rich in nutrients.” Be on the lookout for veggies that pack a ton of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals for your skin to soak up. For example, parsley toner can help to clarify the skin without drying it out, while artichoke essence helps keep skin’s elasticity.


Don’t think that you have to do a veggie-infused face mask in order to get your daily servings; you can find almost any type of skincare product with complexion-friendly veggies in it. “Veggie ingredients are great in a variety of skincare products, whether it’s a serum or moisturizer or eye treatment,” Sarah said. “The important thing is to look at the concentration in which the veggie is used in the formula. We especially love YURI PIBU Artichoke Power Essence ($38) because it’s formulated with 60%+ artichoke extract.” Moral of the story: Veggie concentration is key.


If you want an inexpensive, DIYable way to work veggies into your skincare routine, the Glow Recipe gals recommend whipping up something like a face mask made from stuff found in your fridge. Mix a handful of chopped parsley with three tablespoons of plain yogurt and apply it to your skin for about five minutes, then wash it off. “This will help clarify and brighten the skin,” Christine said.


The best part about veggie skincare is that you don’t have to overhaul your existing skincare routine to work it in, and you can mix and match your veggies. The layering process for veggie-based skincare is the same as non-veggie-based products. “We’d recommend a great cleanser (it’s important for cleansers to be free of sodium lauryl sulfate) followed by veggie-based products for your leave-on skincare. After that, use a balancing and hydrating toner, followed by a serum to treat your primary skin concern. Follow up with a nourishing moisturizer,” Christine explained.

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