Though we’re reeling over the reason behind Victoria Beckham’s refusal to join the impending Spice Girls reunion tour, we’re still more than a little intrigued when it comes to all things Posh Spice (who recently celebrated her 42nd b-day with this sweet message from her hubs), be it solo or otherwise.

Recently, she offered us a little sneak peek into her day with some Instagram shots that showed her prepping for a photo shoot with model-turned-photog Ellen von Unwerth, and even joined the ranks of celebs like Mariah Carey when she offered us a little insight into her daily diet.

“Lunch time! Eggs on toast and avocado,” she captioned this shot of herself in a robe, slippers and curlers.

According to celebrity dietitian and nutritionist Lisa DeFazio, who recently analyzed a similar meal favored by Jennifer Aniston (avocado and eggs with coconut oil), Victoria’s meal is about as healthy as they come, because it invokes what DeFazio called the magic three — carbs (toast), protein (eggs) and healthy fat (avocado).

So now not only is Mrs. Becks #fashiongoals and #relationshipgoals, she’s also #foodgoals, too? We can’t say that we’re particularly shocked — girlfriend pretty much always looks something fierce (check out those gams!), so we kind of had a hunch. Suspicions that Victoria is pretty much a superhuman? Officially confirmed.

What are some of your favorite healthy lunch recipes? Share them with us over @BritandCo!

Photos via @victoriabeckham and Dimitrios Kamouris/Getty