Some nights, all you need is Netflix, a bowl of ice cream and a long night of zoning out on the couch. But suppose you get a surprise visitor? Quick: Are you wearing a ratty high school tee and old pajama pants, or are you in a negligee? Chances are, you’re in one of the two, because any way you slice it, there’s a cringe-worthy aspect to most of our after-hours apparel. But a sleepwear company out of Colorado wants to change that.


The Violet Hour, which was just funded on Kickstarter, wants to step up the way you look when you lounge. Designer Katey has come up with ‘fits that are not only cozy, but also can be worn in that “what-are-you-wearing-if-there’s-an-emergency” situation, like when an unexpected visitor shows up at your door (for us, that often means the delivery guy).


Named after that bewitching hour when the sun is setting and lighting up the sky with brilliant blues, pinks and purples, The Violet Hour wants you to not only look cute, but have something to look forward to slipping into at the end of the day.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.59.16 PM

There are five styles she’s going to be producing locally in Colorado, including a beautiful floral kimono, a classic PJ set and a cami dress. Sizing goes from S-XXL (yeah!) and will start shipping in November — just in time for all those holiday gifts. We doubt you’ll be able to go back to wearing your old things!

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