Across the world, organizations like GoodGym, which connects community service with calorie burning, continue to sprout up and change the way we give back. And while we’re all wired to reach for our phone to find our next date or dinner locale, you may not think to use it to give back to your community. But doing just that just got easier with Volunteer Match, an app that brings community service opportunities to your fingertips!

The app is free on iOS and simplifies the giving-back process by connecting people with non-profits and volunteer opportunities in their area. The days of community service activities being posted on flyers in your church basement are long gone. This app helps you search volunteer opportunities right from your phone.

After you register, the app pulls in all of the non-profits, volunteer events and community service projects going on in your area. You’ll get a list of everything from tutoring children, working at the next local 5K or volunteering at a soup kitchen. The app’s live map is constantly updating with new opportunities and referrals. When searching opportunities, you can easily categorize your results by distance, date posted or type of event. You can even smartly save your favorite kind of volunteer activities to help you find the best fit for you.

Connecting good people to good causes is something we can totally get behind. Thousands of volunteers have already been connected with opportunities they care about through this app. The actual volunteering is still up to you, but Volunteer Match helps simplify the entire process for everyone involved. Ready to get involved? Go download it for free, and let the good times and good causes roll!

What is your favorite way to volunteer? Tell us in the comments below!