Finding a free gym is like finding a unicorn standing next to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow — impossible. And although there are free workout apps, we found something even better. Introducing GoodGym, a running community that costs not even a penny to join. But that’s not even the best part: GoodGym helps you get (or stay) fit while doing good for your community. How cool is that?!

Normally, when you hit the cardio machine at the gym (personally, we’re huge fans of the elliptical), you’re watching an ep of reality TV (or torturing yourself with a cooking show to distract you from your dreaded workout. Now you can run with a purpose — a real purpose that doesn’t involve watching The Real Housewives get into a catfight. GoodGym allows you to do community service while you work out (for FREE). While GoodGym is free to join, they do accept voluntary donations — after all, that’s what keeps ‘em growing!

Ready to join in on the action? Sign up and GoodGym will connect you with a physical task that always involves some sort of run (between 3K and 15k long) and a do-good activity. Oh, and they send along a qualified trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. The projects include running with a group to work on a gardening project or running to an isolated older person’s home to brighten up their day. On the other hand, you can also contact the gym if you know someone that could benefit from GoodGym runners. Whether you’re a pro athlete or someone who just wants to get your butt back in shape, GoodGym will make you feel good while doing good.

To be a member of GoodGym, just sign up here and wait for further instructions. You’ll get a GoodGym running kit (which includes a t-shirt), support from a fitness coordinator and be able to socialize with others in your community. You also must commit to at least one run per week. The timing is up to the runner and the project, but most take place after normal business hours or on weekends. This system keeps you accountable because you are committing to other people, so you can’t really use the lazy excuse to back out last minute — someone’s countin’ on ya!

GoodGym HQ is located in London, but because these “gyms” are not physical workout spaces, you can set up a GoodGym anywhere! Woohoo! Get in touch with these fine folks and they’ll help you out. If you don’t have a GoodGym in your ‘hood and aren’t interested in setting one up, no worries! You can still run (or walk) for a good cause with apps like Charity Miles or Walk2Help!

Would you be interested in joining a GoodGym community? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!