Robots, man. Whether they’re tackling our chores or replacing our beloved pets, we’re up for bringing this smart tech into our homes in the future. Vortex is the newest robot vying for your attention. This bot, which is controlled by a smart phone or tablet, allows the user to play games and learn basic programming and coding skills. The makers of Vortex are betting this tiny toy will put your kiddos well ahead of the STEM curve.


In case you’ve ever wanted to witness a (safe!) robot matchup, Vortex can take on another Vortex for an epic game of robot bumper cars, soccer or even golf. For the less competitive, Vortex acts as a programming instructor, teaching your kids basic coding skills to master all of Vortex’s moves. Since Vortex is open-source, the programming possibilities are truly limitless — all you need is an iPad.


You can get in on the action by participating in their campaign on Kickstarter. The project has raised over $50,000, and with another few weeks to go, the chances of Vortex coming to stores is looking very promising.

If you want to bring Vortex home, you can pledge $69 to the campaign. This is one gift the whole family can have fun with and learn from.

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