Refreshing your wall art is a fab way to welcome in the new year. There are about a million tips and tricks for nailing the perfect gallery wall, but it’s mostly a matter of picking pieces you love and not being afraid to put nail to wall. Whether you’re on the hunt for pastels, neons, metallics, 2D or 3D pieces, these gorg works of art will help you pull off a total interior facelift in no time. Scroll on for 55 ways to fill up your walls with art that is unique to you and your home.


Marcus Oakley "Hill" Wall Art Print

1. Marcus Oakley “Hill” Art Print ($19+): Talk about wow factor. There might not be any gold at the end of these rainbows, but you’re guaranteed some cheery color with this beauty shining down on you.

"Eternal Optimist" Wall Art by Emily Rickard for Artfully Walls

2. “Eternal Optimist” Wall Art by Emily Rickard for Artfully Walls ($388): You won’t have to worry whether or not this painting will fit into your home decor. There are so many wonderful colors here, you can pretty much copy your entire room off of this one palette.

The Land of Nod "He and I" Wall Art by Brit Bass Turner

3. The Land of Nod “He and I” Wall Art by Brit Bass Turner ($89): Cool, color-blocked paint swatches give a playful edge to this fab painting. Rich, warm hues and fun swirls create a dreamy feeling that is surprisingly modern in design.

Kerri Rosenthal "Mad Love" Wall Art Print

4. Kerri Rosenthal “Mad Love” Art Print ($250+): Every gallery wall needs a bold pop of color, and there’s no denying the love exploding out of this print. This drippy yellow heart brings a lot of life to the party, but fits in perfectly with other minimal and colorful pieces.

Jen Sievers "Hold Time" Wall Art Print

5. Jen Sievers “Hold Time” Print ($58+): Move over, geometric art — modern art is happening now, and taking center stage in your new gallery wall. This playful piece literally feels like a breath of fresh air and just needs a bold frame to really make it pop.

Oliver Gal "Deep Sea Fishing" Canvas Wall Art

6. Oliver Gal “Deep Sea Fishing” Canvas Art ($80+): Ooooh, hello there, rose gold. It wouldn’t be a proper roundup without at least one piece of copper, and this sweet little canvas is repping a trendy shade of navy that totally seals the deal.

Kristi Kohut "Sugared Stripe" Wall Art

7. Kristi Kohut “Sugared Stripe” ($56+): Everything in these striped art prints plays well together to create a modern take on rainbow decor. The white frames and feminine styling pairs perfectly with the watercolor washes and dreamy color combos.

"My Yellow Joy" Wall Art by Ruti Shaashua for Artfully Walls

8. “My Yellow Joy” Wall Art by Ruti Shaashua for Artfully Walls ($378): Every bright, modern space can tap into its rustic side. This neon painting uses simple patterns and textures to inject a touch of softness and visual interest.

Derek Eads "Cat-tus" Wall Art Print

9. Derek Eads “Cat-tus” Art Print ($15+): Because you *know* you need more cacti in your life. Plus, this adorable print combines two of our favorite things: puns and house plants.

Hanna Barczyk "The Moons" Wall Art Print

10. Hanna Barczyk “The Moons” Art Print ($29+): If 2016 was the year of galaxy trends, it feels like 2017’s newest trend could be a little closer to home: the moon. Make a stellar addition to your gallery wall while channeling all those good vibes with this pretty illustration.


11. YorkeLee Prints “Pastel Blush” Wall Art Print ($6+): In this mini #shelfie, the Scandinavian feels are v strong. Nothing goes better with black and copper than soft, pastel pink hues and geometric shapes… just ask those Danish peeps.


12. Emanuela Carratoni for DENY “Sweet Pink Agate” Canvas Wall Art ($24+): This gorg print is what marble dreams are made of. Use it to add a feminine touch to your space, while still showing off that #girlboss vibe.



13. Urban Outfitters Rainbow Weave Wall Hanging ($69): Hidden rainbow hair might not be HR approved, but there’s no hiding this beautiful wall hanging. This colorful piece is an easy-peasy way to add a pop of color to your walls in one fell swoop.


14. Lulu & Georgia Santana Tapestry ($80): So chic, so simple, this mini tapestry will brighten up the darkest of corners. Not feeling the price tag? Pst, there’s a tutorial over here on how to make your very own dip-dyed wall hanging.


15. Urban Outfitters Pom Pom Wall Hanging ($79): Looking for a fresh take on a woven wall hanging? This pom-pom beauty is the answer to all your boho-chic dreams.


16. Weaving My Story Woven Wall Hanging ($169): You’ll love the inclusion of tassels and all of the layering in this wall hanging. Non-traditional additions make this weaving really stand out and give it extra personality. You know, just in case that magenta shade wasn’t doing enough for ya.


17. The Land of Nod Tassel Dreamcatcher ($39): Your bedroom is a refuge from the crazy day, so why not give it as many good vibes as you possibly can with a pretty pink dreamcatcher. Whether you believe it will keep you from having nightmares or not, there’s no denying it WILL give you serious style points.


18. Urban Outfitters Sierra Wall Hanging ($39): If your taste leans more toward modern than handmade, consider a wall hanging that depicts a watercolor pattern in bold, abstract compositions. Navy blue is trending hard in 2017, so a piece of shibori artwork will instantly add a dose of style to your space.


19. Weaving My Story Woven Wall Hanging ($180): A monochromatic wall hanging adds just the right amount of textural edge, and would look great with a gallery wall. Take advantage of the neutral tones by adding pops of color to the rest of the room with more modern and minimal art prints.


20. Magical Thinking Textured Shaga Wall Hanging ($99): Forget sweaters and scarves — bring on those hygge vibes by warming up those walls instead. This neutral wall hanging adds instant boho flair to any wall and won’t clash with any of your existing artwork.


21. The Land of Nod Woven Tapestry ($59): Deck out your bedroom, living room and wherever else you can think of with a chic wall hanging in a color that complements your decor. Not only is the texture uber-soft, but navy blue and hot pink are a winning combo that’ll add that cool vibe.



22. Leah Duncan Mountain Blossom Art Print ($29+): Reminiscent of a Japanese landscape painting, this tranquil mountain scene belongs in your bedroom… or any room that needs a bit of a calming vibe. Play up the peach and navy tones with copper accessories and warm wood furniture.


23. Leif Lemon Poster ($48): Amping up your wall art game is easy peasy, lemon squeezy with this bold color block print. The hot pink backdrop and preppy polka dots make this a no-brainer for your workspace, bedroom, living room or even foyer.


24. “Starlines 01.” by Three of the Possessed ($18+): Lines, lines everywhere. Nothing is as timeless as a black and white graphic print, and this abstract piece is practically begging to be paired up with a colorful painting or textural wall hanging.


25. Oliver Bonas “This Is How I Roll” Wall Art ($86): This cheery line drawing is enough to make you crave a joyride. If you’d rather roll on two wheels than four, it’s time to show off your allegiance and hang up some bike art.


26. CB2 Blue Ridged Print ($179): Color? Check. Pattern? Check. Geometric goodness? Check. This unique line art print would liven up any space, but also has a mesmerizing quality if you stare at it too long.


27. Urban Road Zenneth ($102+): For the minimalist lover with a fondness for bugs, this inspired print is a no-brainer. There’s no color in this piece, but those fluffy antennae are just so on point.


28. YorkeLee Hello Marble Wall Art Print ($6+): This minimal moon print would look fab in a bedroom or nursery. Hang it on its own, or add it to your gallery wall.


29. Wacka Whoa Art Print ($16+): Spring break is still a ways off, so bring the sunshine into your home STAT. Frame this pop of color for an instant interior pick-me-up with those contrasting colors and patterns.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.40.47 AM

30. Invisible Zebra by Kent Youngstrom ($32+): This watery striped print would work perfectly in a black and white themed gallery wall. And if you’re thinking of painting your walls a bright shade of 2017’s Greenery, this print will look chic AF.


31. YorkeLee Beni Moroccan Art Print ($6+): Meet in the middle of tribal and modern aesthetics with this black and white print. The rough geo shapes are just the thing you need to complement those mudcloth pillows on your sofa.


32. Printabold La Luna Print ($6): Are you ready to dress your walls with home decor that’s truly out of this world? Eclipse the other pieces in your space with this elegant lunar print.


33. Oliver Bonas Cactus Wall Art ($149): Buh-bye, black thumb — this is one indoor plant that’ll never die on you. The black background and black frame almost makes it look like this cactus is glowing like a neon sign.


34. Oh Joy! LED Moon Wall Light ($50): Speaking of neon, every home needs a little glow, and this miniature version won’t break the bank. Hang it up over your bar cart or nightstand to make a bold statement that will instantly transform and brighten up your space.



35. Urban Outfitters Zoe Wall Hanging ($49): If you’re looking to invest in your first piece of “grown-up” art, this is a solid place to start. The mixed metals are oh-so trendy and the simple geometric shapes are versatile enough to pair with other decor themes.


36. Anthropologie Gleaming Safari Bust ($58): Animal decor doesn’t have the best reputation, but no one is going to make fun of you for having these gorg heads on your wall. Bonus: You can totally make them work as jewelry hooks or a place to keep your keys.


37. Renwil Stella Mirror ($394): Bring the positivity of crystal energy into your home with this stunning gold mirror. It’s sophisticated and shiny and would look gorgeous in an entryway or above your bed.


38. Attalie Dexter Fringed Wall Art ($98+): Make any corner of your home Pinterest-worthy with two or three of these grown-up gold mobiles. The beads and fluffy fringe offer a touch of softness that is SO in line with those trendy Scandi vibes.


39. Oliver Bonas Wire Wall Antelope Head ($50): Rustic-modern decor is having a major moment right now, adding an organic element to contemporary spaces. A rose gold antelope head plays well with colorful artwork and still lends that cool, Western vibe.


40. Urban Outfitters Moon Fringe Wall Hanging ($29): Create some moon magic and add a little twinkle to your walls with added metallics. This fringe wall hanging looks totally fine hanging out solo, but it would also look right at home with a set of these printable constellation prints.



41. Domino Reflection ($36+): No ocean in your backyard? No prob — this colorful piece will more than make up for the lack of warm weather AND will remind you that summer vacay is on its way.


42. “Donut Cactus in Bloom” by Picturing Juj ($18+): Even if you can’t keep your houseplants alive, this sweet cactus print will more than make up for it. You can’t get much happier than donuts on a cactus, can you?


43. YorkeLee “The Perfect Match” Art Print ($6+): If you’re putting together a gallery wall, a collection of different floral pieces can create a lovely modern prairie feel. Including this soft pink rose print will put you on the right track to achieving the right vibe.


44. Artifact Uprising Floating Acrylic Frame ($65+): The addition of acrylic instantly makes any space look more luxe. Floating frames are a stunning way to show off your fave memories, whether it’s wedding snaps or pics from your last girls’ night out.


45. “A Certain Kind of Magic” by LouiJoverArt ($19+): This intriguing photo would look perfect hanging over any modern, black furniture or paired with hot pink home decor. The bright, graphic mix of colors exploding out of the black and white background feels cool enough for the most stylish fashionista.



46. Smuug Bad Ass Babes Club Art Print ($18+): Hang this print on your wall and you’re automatically inducted into the coolest club ever. What better way to declare your commitment to girl power than with some wall flair that’s stylish and totally fabulous?


47. The Land of Nod You Are Magic Wall Art ($25): Sooner or later (probably sooner) we all need a little unicorn magic in our lives. This colorful print really packs a punch and would look so cute paired with our DIY unicorn lamp.


48. Printabold Inhale Exhale Print ($2): Breathe in; breathe out. It’s time to nail that bedtime routine, and these lovely prints are a definite must-have. Seriously, don’t you feel more relaxed just looking at them?


49. Oliver Bonas Keep It Simple Wall Art ($133): Stay motivated with this fresh message that’s printed on white board. The navy and gold tones will pair well with most colors in your home, and when you’re ready to update the look, just switch up the frame.


50. Lulu & Georgia Good Vibes Only Print ($30): Word. You don’t need any of those negative vibes bringing you down — you’ve got an empire to build, after all. Hang this baby up over your desk and let the neon words guide the way.


51. Oh Joy! “Hey You Framed Artwork ($25): Hung up on how to style your gallery wall? There’s nothing like a neon color palette and some gold foil to add a bit of glamour. Add a final touch to your space by bringing in this vibrant patterned print.


52. Oliver Bonas London Coordinates Wall Art ($102): For the Anglophiles who left their heart in London, a wall-mounted memento of the coordinates should go without saying. It’s bold, graphic and just the thing for all those bitten with the wanderlust bug.


53. Three Potato Four Eat More Tacos Pennant ($24): Tacos — not just for Tuesday anymore. What better place to pay tribute to your favorite culinary wonder than in your gallery wall with a cheeky yellow pennant?


54. Smuug Feminist Art Print ($18+): It’s girl power all the way with this art print that spells it out, loud and proud. But don’t just stop at one print. Make sure you deck out all your totes and shirts with these feminist pins and patches.


55. Three Potato Four Square Pink Felt Letter Board ($60): If you splurge on just one piece of art, make it this rad pink letter board. Why? Because you can switch up the quotes to perfectly represent your mood on the daily.

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