And when we say “rock watercolor,” we mean in your home as well as on your person. Painterly watercolor-style patterns have been popping up everywhere we look, so it’s only natural that we round a few of our favorite examples up for you to check out. From hot shoulder-less dresses to playful DIY postcards, here are 22 ways to hop on board the watercolor train.

1. Seashore Top ($28): Perhaps this is what a modern day Sally would wear to sell her seashells by the seashore?

2. Watercolor Stripe Maxi ($138): These sheer stripes bring to mind nautical style, but with a little bit of romance. Add this to your list of maxi skirt awesomeness.

3. Poison Dress ($104): Cue Bell Biv Devoe, ’cause that girl is poisonnnn. I mean, how could we not reference such an iconic early ’90s track?

4. Scale I Tee ($155): This cool number is a seriously modern take on mermaid or fish scales, and we love the pairing with white skinnies.

5. Painted Flower Skinny Jeans ($60): Speaking of skinny jeans, what do you think of these floral ones? Awesome floral pattern or too much?

7. Sherbet Scarf ($75): These watercolor polka dots scream summer scarf to us, and we love the idea of turning it into a necklace or head scarf for those hot August nights.

8. Ilise Watercolor Printed Faille Wedge ($130): When in summer wedding style doubt, you can always turn to the wedge. This vibrant option would look great with just about any colorful dress.

9. Avian Watercolor Infinity Scarf ($30): Um… put a bird on it? We love when scarves have secret prints when unrolled.

10. Watercolor Triangles Mousepad ($12): See? Mousepads can be stylish. We dig the sort of wonky triangle print seen above.

11. Smartphone Case ($40): And, obviously, your smartphone needs to get in on this action. These are sort of like Rothko paintings in hyper-color, don’t you think?

12. Twelth St. Tote ($68): This beautiful Cynthia Vincent tote is definitely a grocery tote fit for a fashionista. If it’s big enough to double as a weekender, we’re totally on board.

13. Watercolor Postcards ($20): A DIY watercolor kit? Don’t mind if we do! This kit’s got everything you need to make a bunch of unique postcards, including tips on mixing colors.

14. Watercolor Party Invites ($18): These invites work for just about any occasion, and you could easily customize them a little bit more with your own watercolor handiwork.

15. Birthday Calendar ($30): We know that Facebook is probably your go-to when it comes to remembering friends’ birthdays, but we love the look of this birthday calendar as functional wall art.

16. Royal Doulton Dinnerware ($30 and up): Color block your dinnerware! This cool set of dishes is sort of like a sheer take on the color block trend – each dish looks like it was dipped in a watery paint wash.

17. Impressionist Tablecloth ($298): Don’t you kind of want to wear this tablecloth? The soft yellows and pops of purple and pink are perfect for summer.

18. Watercolor Pillow Covers ($20): These would make a great set together or as accent pieces in a room that’s already decorated. We wonder if you could do a little DIY take on these by watering down fabric paint.

19. Watercolor Storage Bench ($349): Now those are some bold hues! This storage bench would make a great statement piece in a neutral room, and can stow away all your blankets and extra pillows for guests.

20. Watercolor Peony Wallpaper ($148): Of course Anthropologie has watercolor wallpaper. This would be awesome for an accent wall in a bathroom.

21. Watercolor Feathers ($40): We’ll sneak one piece of wall art in here for a more traditional take on watercolor. We’re digging the graphic lines and patterns on these feathers.

22. Painted Hills Duvet Cover ($79-$89): Last, tuck yourself into this secret garden. It’s a bold choice for a duvet cover, but could easily bring a mismatched room right together.

What do you think of the watercolor pattern trend? Talk to us in the comments below.