In just a few short days, most of us will be partaking in a picnic full of grilling awesomeness and desserts that are bound to be all striped red, white and blue. And why shouldn’t they be? So to help you along with an easy-to-make dessert, I thought I’d share a 4th of July popsicle dessert with a twist—a popsicle fashioned out of a watermelon.

 – 1 small seedless watermelon

– 6 oz. blueberry sorbet

– 10 oz. lemon sorbet

– 14 oz. raspberry sorbet


1. Cut watermelon in half. Empty out flesh of melon, scraping down to the white rind as much as possible.

2. Place blueberry sorbet in melon and, using an offset spatula, smooth to evenness.

3. Repeat step 2 with the lemon and raspberry sorbet.

4. Chill for an hour. Remove from freezer, slice and serve.

It’s really simple. To get started, halve the watermelon and core it out. I used a melon baller so I could use the flesh later for a melon and feta salad (throw in some blueberries and you’ll have a red, white and blue sweet and savory fruit salad).

To keep things easy, I used store-bought sorbet. Scoop out your sorbet and start layering. If needed, freeze between layering so that the sorbet does not turn liquidity or else the colors will start to blend.

Freeze the sorbet-filled melon for at least an hour or until solid. Then, cut the halved melon in half one more time, and then slice. Enjoy and have a fantastic 4th of July, everyone!

What will you be making for this weekend’s festivities? Talk to us in the comments below.