As we all know, achieving those sought-after no-fuss waves is easier said than done. We may be rocking red carpet-ready ringlets thanks to our trusty curly hair hacks, but we’re still left in the dark when it comes to achieving those effortless Lauren Conrad-esque beach waves. Inspired by the hoard of celebrities with messy waves, we’re renewing our quest for easy summer hairstyles in the form of easy-breezy loose waves. Scroll through these 11 hacks and find your easiest route to obtaining that boho-tastic look — just in time for beach season.

flat iron crimp

1. The Flat Iron Wave: Crimping is back, people! But not in the way you remember. While we’re big fans of the classic Lizzie McGuire-status crimp, in 2016 we’re taking a softer approach to the old favorite. This super quick style involves grabbing small sections of hair and alternating directions as you slide the iron down your strands. (via Refinery29)

overnight waves

2. Second-Day Waves: Achieve perfect waves in your sleep — literally. Simply create a series of fishtail braids before bedtime and voila! You’ve hacked those #justwokeuplikethis waves (’cause this time you really did). (via Brit + Co)


3. Brushed-Out Waves: Short-haired chicks, this one’s for you! Use some retro pin curls to start off your look, then brush them out for an ultra-modern loose wave. (via Byrdie)

flat iron waves

4. Beachy Waves With a Flat Iron: For this look, you’ll need to create curls with a flat iron (trust us!). Alternate the direction of your tool until you have a full head of waves, then tousle to your heart’s content. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3 bun

5. Wavy Hair With Minimal Effort: This three-bun hack is the perfect way to get killer waves with minimal effort. Just don’t forget the salt spray. (via Toni&Guy)


6. Flat-Ironed Waves: It gettin’ hot in here! Hack this shortcut to braided waves by applying a healthy dose of heat. Be sure to size your braids according to the length and thickness of your mane. (via Cosmopolitan)

ponytail curl

7. Ponytail Curl Hair Hack: Give your hair some extra bounce with this ridiculously easy loose curl hack. Simply put your hair in a high pony (think Ariana Grande) and curl your heart out. Be generous with your volumizing spray for this one. (via Brit + Co)


8. No-Heat Beach Waves: While it may seem easiest to get waves using heat, those high temperatures aren’t always the best for your hair. Opt for an overnight, no-heat wave for your medium locks with this seriously twisted style. (via Fashionation)


9. Pineappling: This overnight hack is perfect for creating sweet and simple tousled locks — and it’s an excuse to bust out our favorite ’90s trend: the scrunchie. Toss up your hair like you just don’t care and protect your waves while you slumber. (via Brit + Co)


10. Heatless Headband Waves: Your headband’s no one-trick pony. Get experimental with your wavy hair routine and try a twisted bedtime chignon for your next loose ‘n’ wavy ‘do. (via Luxy Hair Blog)


11. Blow Dry Wavy Hair: For those of you left thinking “what about girls with real-life waves?,” don’t worry — we didn’t forget about you. As many of you wavy-haired gals know, natural texture is not the easiest to maintain. So when it comes to rockin’ your born-with-them waves (minus the frizz), start using a diffuser while you dry as your new go-to move. (via Brit + Co)

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