John Frieda Hair Care Beach Blonde Collection Party

When Lauren Conrad made that infamous hair chop back in October, we immediately fell in love. It was short and feminine, and gave way to a whole slew of similar celebrity haircuts. But after she debuted the shorter style, we were left with one question: what would happen to those famous beach waves of hers? She quickly proved those weren’t going anywhere. Her above-the-shoulder style is rarely (if ever) spotted without some serious texture. And while she might live super close to the beach, those perfectly messy waves aren’t solely the ocean’s doing. LC has a whole routine dedicated to getting those waves just right — and lucky for you, she has just released a video showing exactly how she does it.

Lauren’s first move is to start off with freshly washed hair (if that’s not an option ,a little bit of dry shampoo should do the trick). Then, grab a 1¾ inch curling iron and quickly curl both sides away from your face to create volume and wave. The key to using the curling iron to create a messy wave as opposed to tight curls is to leave out the ends and only hold the hair in the iron for a few seconds. After she’s styled her whole head, she spritzes a sea salt spray all over and tousles it. In the video, LC uses John Freida’s Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spay, but if you’re looking for another option, our resident beauty expert Misty Spinney swears by John Masters Organics Sea Mist Spray ($17). This spray also contains lavender essential oils to combat drying effects, so it’ll smell amazing and work restorative wonders on those locks of yours – a win-win!

And that’s pretty much it. Whether the beach is a mile or 100 miles from where you are, no one will ever know the difference.

Do you use a different technique to get beachy waves? How do you do it? Share your technique with us in the comments below!

(Photo via Dave Kotinsky/Getty)