I scube, you scube, we all scube for ice cube — trays. Whatever that means. We love ice cube trays. Not only are they great for their original purpose of making ice to keep your beverages cold, but they’re also useful for so many other things. We collected 13 interesting ice cube tray alternatives for you to check out.

1. Drawer Organizer: Do you have a junk drawer? Of course you do! So do we :). Throw an ice cube tray in there and fill it with paper clips, tacks, beads and other small items (via Brit + Co).

2. Flower Ice Cubes: Wild flowers are so pretty we just want to eat them! Yum? Freeze some flowers and add them to your party drinks for a fresh new look, and obviously, for vitamins (via Food.com, flowers via Brit + Co).

3. Bobbin Organizer: If you love sewing as much as we do, you probably have a lot of bobbins lying around. Sort them in an ice cube tray to keep them color-coordinated and organized (via the Handy Quilter and Brit + Co).

4. Wine Cubes: Okay, we see two great uses for these frozen wine cubes: throw them in pasta sauce or add them to your glass of wine on a hot day. That second one is probably a big no-no, but we stand by it. Summer days call for cold drinks. (via Pinterest + Budget Savvy Diva)

5. Modern Votive Candles: Another fab use for those giant ice cube trays you said you were gonna make all those cocktails with = these plaster votive candle holders. We love the result with a little color dip. (via Brit + Co)

6. Stamp Organizer: Keep your alphabet stamps in A-B-C order with an ice tray and you’ll never have to search for that letter ‘s’ again. She always wins MVP during hide and seek, at least in our bag of letters. (via Pre-K Pages)

7. Herb Starter: There’s nothing quite like homegrown herbs. A great way to start your basil and cilantro is to plant them in an ice tray. After they’ve sprouted you can transfer them to pots. (via MRBROWNTHUMB)

8. Herb Cubes: Once you’ve grown your herbs, you can re-use your ice tray to make herb cubes. These flavor savers will come in handy any time you’re cooking and your recipe calls for fresh herbs rather than dry. (via Organic Gardening)

9. Jewelry Organizer: Keep those earrings paired and those rings from getting lost with an ice tray. (via Real Simple)

10. Eye Shadow Organizer: What a great way to organize your eye shadows! They fit perfectly and you can actually see each color. Store them in a drawer and then take the entire tray out when you want to use them. (via the Beauty Bybel)

11. Hardware Organizer: Get those nails, screws and washers in order with an ice tray. It will fit perfectly in the bottom of your tool kit. (via Better Homes and Garden and Indiamart)

12. Paint Tray: Get your brushes out and dip into your right brain for an afternoon of painting. These are water colors (and here’s an awesome tutorial on Design Sponge) but you could put any paint in an ice tray as a pallete alternative. (via Design Sponge)

13. Snack Tray: Entertain your picky little eater with a snack tray. Cut up fruits and veggies, add some cheese, crackers and nuts and your 3-year-old will actually be excited to take a break from playtime for a healthy bite (via Wiley Valentine and Brit + Co).

What other ways have you used ice trays? Leave us your ideas in the comments.