As the summer heats up, we’re grabbing some summer cocktails to cool down. But just because the ice melts doesn’t mean that it gets to be boring! Whether you’re actually hydrating (don’t forget to drink enough water!) or just celebrating summer with a watermelon-jalapeno margarita or some grown-up lemonade, do it in style. We rounded up the best cute, funny, nerdy, or just awesome ice cube trays to keep your drinks looking hot while they stay cold.

Ice Ice Baby ($20): We’re kind of into 90s rap here at Brit HQ. (Ok, maybe we’re really into 90s rap.) So, naturally, an ice tray designed based on this classic Vanilla Ice song gets our vote.

HipHopSicles ($10): Speaking of music-inspired nostalgia, these boomboxes, record players, dollar signs, and mics will definitely bring out your inner hip-hop star. (And the punny name? Just a bonus!)

Shark Fin ($10): These giggle-inducing ice cubes are a must for your next drink on the beach.

Ice Straws ($6): Drink a frozen beverage out of a plain old straw? Never. Keep your drink extra cold and just quirky enough with these functional, straw-shaped ice cubes.

Pi Symbol ($12): As irrational as it might sound, these pi ice cubes are the best way to keep your drink nerdy and chilled at the same time. We’ve featured this before in our pi day roundup, but it’s worth showing you again. And no, we won’t apologize for the math pun.

Shot glasses ($7): Keep your alcohol cold and your cute, sentimental souvenir shot glasses safe with ice shaped shot glasses. The best part? You can always have enough, no matter how big your bash gets — just make more!

Cool Jewels ($10): Feeling fancy? Rock your ice like diamonds and don’t worry, it will only set you back $10.

PacMan ($15): Retro arcade games… in our drinks? Um, yes. Watch PacMan chase ghosts around your glass as you gulp.

Legos ($13): Speaking of childhood games, how awesome are these block-shapes cubes? Channel your inner kid and drop a couple into your next beverage.

Gin and Titonic ($8): This might be the best pun we’ve heard in a while… and that’s saying something. These would add a fun touch to drinks at a party and definitely get guests talking.

Cocktail ($14): A funky addition to a cocktail party, these bright and colorful drink stirrers are completed with ice cubes spelling out your drink of choice.

Chill Pill ($12): Take a chill pill! We can’t promise that these will actually make you relax, but the laugh they give you might help.

Hugs and Kisses ($9): Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary with your special someone or just having a drink while watching a romcom, your inner romantic will definitely love these.

Into keeping your drinks cold and cool? Which ice cubes are going to make an appearance at your next party? Let us know in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.