Pastels might be a spring and summer staple, but for some of us, we just can’t hack it. While they’re totally versatile, they can conjure up images of frilly, bubble-gum pink dresses and less-than-hip sweater sets — all of which have not made their way into our closets (and won’t be anytime soon). So how can you wear this lightened-up look without feeling like a prissy princess? Take note from these eight incredibly stylish ladies. You’ll be ready to run out and snap up a few sky blue staples STAT.


1. Create balance. Yes, that is indeed a pastel skirt ($60), and in lace no less. But before you start running for the hills, note how the overside button-down balances out this skirt’s super feminine vibe. The look feels instantly contemporary, approachable and chic. (via See Want Shop)


2. Go graphic. Who said pastels can’t be edgy? Unexpected pieces, like an on-trend bomber ($99), and cool patterns take the lightened-up hues to a whole new level. (via Connected to Fashion)


3. Sprinkle them in. Skip the statement pieces and give your getups the pastel touch with a few carefully curated accessories. Fringe-tastic or bold platform pumps ($100) feel anything but prissy and give everything from your favorite pair of denim to a classic LBD a major pick-me-up. (via The Daileigh)


4. Reimagine borrowed-from-the-boys style. Rock your pastels in oversized silhouettes ($83), then pair them up with rugged separates like a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans for the ultimate off-duty look. Throw on your favorite heels for an extra feminine touch that says fierce rather than fussy. (via Gabi Fresh, Who What Wear)


5. Opt for no-frills frocks. Say no to ruffles and lace and pair those pastels with a more contemporary style. Shirt ($64), shift ($68) and tunic ($115) dresses have a more relaxed fit that counteracts the pale hues’ flirty feel, while modern flourishes like color blocking, sheer panels and graphic prints will take the getup into sartorially sound territory. (via @maraferreira)


6. Layers upon layers. Consider pastels a new sort of neutral. Instead of balancing out an outfit with a classic black, white, khaki or camel piece, look to lightened-up shades of blue ($118), purple, pink and mint to create dimension and drama. Pair with bold, eye-catching prints to really make them pop, choosing complementary hues to keep things feeling put-together. (via Dariadaria)


7. Suit up. “I’ve got this” doesn’t just come in shades of black and gray. Redefine age-old work attire with unexpected pastel colors and loosened-up silhouettes. The real key to pulling this off? A confident #girlboss attitude. (via

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