B+C community: Are you registered to vote? Believe it or not, in the 2012 presidential election, only 64 percent of women eligible to vote marked their ballots! Even crazier, studies show that millennial women are turning out at an even lower rate than their older peers. In this upcoming election, the stakes are higher than ever, and we need to make sure we secure a bright future for ourselves and our families.


That’s why Brit + Co is teaming up with 54 of the nation’s leading women’s media brands and Rock the Vote to make sure #OurVoteCounts this election. This means that Brit + Co, along with other companies and brands, will work together to register 100,000 young women to vote before election day on November 8.

Everyone involved is teaming up and doing their part to increase voter registration — from promotion through our websites and social platforms to on-the-ground efforts. Coming up, Brit + Co will be registering voters at our annual Re:Make Festival this Saturday, where we’re expecting to see over 15,000 of you.


With the attention of tens of millions of young women across the US, we hope to come together to make an impact on this election. We believe that YOU can help be a driving force around an inclusive vision for our future and we’re thrilled to help make that happen.

Make sure YOUR voice is heard this election! You can start registering using the #OurVoteCounts map below or at rtvote.com/britandco. And if you’ll be in San Francisco this weekend, you can register with us IRL at Re:Make on Saturday, October 1 (register for Re:Make here).

We need to come together as women with a vision for the future and make sure #OurVoteCounts this election!

Let us know when you register and tweet @BritandCo using the hashtag #OurVoteCounts!