So you’ve purchased our Weave A Necklace Kit and you need a little extra help. You’ve come to the right place! Weaving projects might seem intimidating and time consuming, but the small scale of these necklaces makes it super approachable for beginners. Once you’ve mastered this tutorial you’ll be weaving tiny masterpieces all day.

These woven necklaces are perfect for adding a pop of color and texture to your outfit — especially on the days when you need to run out the door! Plus, you get enough materials in your kit to make more than one tiny weaving. Turn these lil guys into keychains, earrings, the list goes on.

Materials and Tools:

  • yarn (4 different colors and thicknesses)
  • yarn needle
  • miniature weaving loom
  • gold bar necklace
  • gold seed beads
  • white string

Gather your materials, or purchase our Weave a Necklace Kit in stores at Target or online at!

Wedge the white string into the first notch of your loom. If the string doesn’t lodge itself into the notch, tape the short end down to the loom.

Wind the white string around the remaining notches.

Cut the string and secure the end down with a piece of tape. Your loom should look like the photo above.

We’ll start with the tassels. Cut 12 six-inch pieces of yarn. Take two pieces and fold them in half. Pull the looped end underneath the first white string, then pull the ends of the yarn through the loop.

Pull the ends of the yarn to tighten the knot. Repeat this step with the remaining yarn.

We’ll use a simple weave for the remainder of the weaving. Thread your needle with a 20-inch piece of yarn, then guide your needle over and under the white strings. Pull the thread through (leaving about a one-inch tail of yarn). Guide your needle through the other direction, making sure to alternate which strings you go over and under from the first row.

When you’re ready to switch colors, trim the yarn and leave a one-inch tail.

To incorporate beads into your weaving, create a few rows of simple weave then remove your needle and string seed beads onto the yarn. You’ll want to string seed beads onto the coral or pink yarns in the kit.

Re-thread your needle and continue weaving.

Continue weaving until you’re happy with the length of your piece.

Carefully trim the white strings at the top of the loom two at a time. Double knot the first two strings but don’t trim them yet. Repeat until you’ve tied all of the white strings, then repeat these steps with the white strings at the bottom of the loom.

Remove the weaving from the loom, and tuck the loose yarn ends into the back of your piece.

Thread the white strings from the top of the loom into the holes of the gold bar pendant, and double knot them. Trim the excess string.

The final step is to give your weaving a trim! I kept mine about 1.5 inches long.

Viola! So simple! Remember, practice makes perfect and there’s plenty of material in the kit to make more than one miniature weaving.

Now rock that sucker on your next night out on the town!

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DIY Production + Styling: Marianne Koo, Lindsay Saito

Photography: Chris Andre