Candles can be so much more than a decoration or filler for your reception table centerpieces. They add romance to your brunch wedding or soft light to a beautiful evening under the stars, whether tapered or pillar or fake. Candelabras, glass vases and super trendy terrariums are all *beautiful* options to help stage your candles just right for your big day. Check out our 12 examples below to strike up a bit of inspiration.


1. Tapered Candles and Bouquets: Colored tapered candles are having a major moment in the wedding world, and we hope it never goes away. And that shade of indigo blue? Swoon. Bonus points to this centerpiece for spicing it up and having multiple small bouquets instead of a single larger one. (via M2 Photo / The Knot)


2. Brass Candelabras With Romantic Flowers: Even a good faux candle catches our eye, when they’re done right. The brass and the purple flowers make this tablescape incredibly romantic. (via Rob and Wynter Photography / MOD Wedding)


3. Terrarium Centerpieces: Now this is the way to do a candlelight centerpiece. Plus it’s pretty easy to DIY too! (via One Love Photo / The Knot)


4. Simple and Understated: There’s no need to overdo it with accessories: Just look at the example above for minimalist decor that’s a perfect mix of modern and vintage. (via Feather and Stone / Style Me Pretty)


5. Daylight and Candles: Who said candles should only be lit at night? Absolutely no one! (via Ashley Cox / Style Me Pretty)


6. Giant Candelabras and Colored Candles: These candelabras dictate a certain Victorian-inspired theme that you don’t see very often. If you’re looking for a vintage style, this might be the centerpiece for you. (via Kurt Boomer / Style Me Pretty)


7. Beer Bottle Candlestick Holders: If your wedding is based on a very specific theme or tradition, the more you can do to make it clear, the better. Here, the bottles are from German beer to help showcase the bride’s heritage. Now that’s an adorable personal touch we can get behind. (via Claire Dobson Photography / Wedding Chicks)


8. Moody Ceremony Candles: Lights *and* candles are where it’s at. The giant candles lining this aisle make a great statement and will keep all eyes on the bride as she glows while walking to the altar. (via Alison Conklin / BRIDES)


9. Cinderella Staircase: The greenery, the candles, the vases — where do we even start?! This decor element would look great on stairs, tables, altars or even down your aisle. Don’t forget to include plenty of flowers that go with your color scheme. (via Damaris Mia / Elizabeth Anne Designs)


10. Subtle Romance: Candles that have been burning for a bit have more of an organic shape. A scene like this would be super easy to recreate, so definitely save this one for your inspiration board. (via IZO / Polka Dot Bride)


11. Clean and Classic: Eucalyptus with gold and white candles might just be the most gorgeous pair any wedding tablescape has ever seen. To copy the look, buy faux eucalyptus from your craft store and go thrifting for some gold candle holders. (via Kai Heeringa Photography / Ruffled Blog)


12. Vows Under the Candle Tree: This scene will bring tears to your guests’ eyes, in the best possible way, of course. (via Steven Michael Photo / Huffington Post)

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