Sure, we’ve given brides and grooms suggestions for non-traditional registries, super modern dresses, and unusual bow ties. We’ve even built an entire app (cough, cough, Weduary!) so that newly engaged folks can create beautiful and social wedding websites. But what about the guests? At the very least, wedding-goers could probably use a little inspiration in the gift department, especially if you’re going off-registry.

That’s why we’re kicking off a series of Wedding Gift Guides. Now sit back, relax, and whet your appetite with these 18 suggestions for the foodie couple.

1. Adopt an Olive Tree ($109): Adopt an olive tree on behalf of the happy couple for one year and they’ll receive 3 packages over the course of the year. The first will include a personalized adoption certificate and info about your tree. The spring package will include all the extra virgin olive oil your true produces, usually about 2 liters. And the final package will contain three different flavored oils. Plus they can visit their olive tree and give it a hug!

2. Cheese of the Month ($ Varies): Fire up Google and find an artisanal cheese shop or creamery near the couple’s current hometown. More likely than not, that place has some kind of monthly program. If you’re out of luck, we wholeheartedly recommend Cowgirl Creamery ($199 for 3 months), Murray’s Cheese ($275 for 4 months), and the Bedford Cheese Shop ($150 for 3 months), all available in the US only.

3. CSA Share ($ Varies): If the couple hasn’t already signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) package or is moving to a new spot, this is a great gift to get them into the habit of buying and cooking local goods. You never what you’re gonna get, so it can make for lots of fun cooking experimentation.

4. Culture Kitchen ($99 for 3 months): Culture Kitchen might just be the perfect complement to a CSA! With each cooking kit you get 3 ethnic recipes, all the hard-to-find ingredients, and a fabric bag to tote your goods around in!

5. Monthly Macarons ($64 for 3 months): That’s right. A box of 10 macarons every month! Perfect for the couple who loves to indulge in the sweet stuff but doesn’t have the time to make it themselves.

6. Cutting Board ($60): Maybe their cutting board needs an upgrade? Or perhaps this will be the first cutting board they own together? Though these are a kitchen basic they probably already have, you can never have too many cutting boards, especially gorgeous wooden ones that double as cheese and meat boards, etc. Choose from elk, silverware, pig and rolling pin designs with initials or full names.

7. Monogrammed Cooking Tool Set ($130): Made of heavy-gauge polished stainless steel, this tool set is one you don’t want to mess with. It will likely replace the mish mash of tools they already have, and sits nicely in a personalized canister. The set includes a spatula, pasta fork, roasting fork, skimmer, solid spoon, ladle and storage canister.

8. Aprons ($70): The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, right? Don a pair of Mr. and Mrs. aprons and get cookin’! This darling set includes the official Newlyweds’ Cookbook as well!

9. Steady Stick Table + Wine Holders ($60): Included in our roundup of beach must-haves, the steady stick table is one of our favorite wine-and-cheese-friendly inventions. Take it to the next level by adding a monogram.

10. Fondue for Two ($25): Melted cheese is so much better enjoyed with someone you love. Get them this sweet little kit for romantic nights in.

11. Molecular Gastronomy Kit ($59): Ready to get a little bit scientific? Molecular gastronomy is sort of like a science fair meets the fanciest restaurant in town.

12. Micro-Green Kits ($40 each): Not quite our dream Nano Garden but pretty darn close, these Micro-Green kits come in Veggie and Spice varieties. The spice kit includes daikon radish, edible chrysanthemum sprouts, and Japanese mibuna mustard. The veggie one includes red acre cabbage, mini carrots and Tom Thumb peas. We recommend getting both!

13. Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit ($20): Do the bride and groom love morels, chanterelles, and shiitakes, oh my?

14. Vintage Snow Cone Cart ($185): Not only an amazing vintage decor piece, this snow cone cart turns regular old ice cubes into perfectly shaved, fluffy snow. If you’re in the wedding party, this could be a fun surprise to bring to the actual wedding! For more ice cream inspiration, head to our scooptastic roundup.

15. Picnic Backpack for 2 ($68): Know a pair that loves the outdoors as much as a good glass of wine and yummy cheese plate? Outfit them with this charming backpack so they can always be gourmet on the go.

16. Mobile Foodie Survival Kit ($26): Speaking of outdoor adventures, if the couple’s big on traveling and camping as much as they can, they’ll love this portable spice kit, essential for foodie survival. The kit includes sea salt, black pepper, cayenne, onion, basil, wasabi, cinnamon, oregano, garlic, thyme, curry, ginger, and dill, and you can easily substitute whatever spices you think they’ll love.

17. Compact Chopsticks ($22 each): Big on noodles, sushi, and other dishes that taste better sans fork and knife? Make sure the sushi-loving couple is always armed with a pair of chopsticks, even if they’re cooking up ramen at a campsite.

18. Food & Wine Classic in Aspen ($ TBD): Finally, if the couple lives and breathes everything that relates to food and wine, pool with a group of friends and get them a trip to Aspen for the annual Food & Wine Classic! They’ll rub shoulders with legendary critics, chefs, restauranteurs, and fellow foodies. Pretty awesome.

Are you a foodie couple that wants everything on this registry? Or recently married and know of a few items we should add to our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or say hi on Twitter. Mazel tov!