As you may have noticed, it's Ice Cream Week here at Brit. We've rounded up a dozen recipes from all over the web, as well as served up 3 ice cream (without an ice cream maker) recipes of our own. Today, we turn to gadgetry. Check out these 12 tools for making ice cream more fun, creative, and delicious, beyond the scoop. ;)

1. Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker ($15): Ice cream sandwiches, in miniature. Basically the cutest thing ever. And has loads of potential for mini ice cream cake towers, or non ice cream sandwiches.

2. Cone Maker ($50): It's a waffle maker, for cones! We'd love to try making all sorts of flavored cones, from sweet to savory. Yum!

3. Dippin Dots Frozen Dot Maker ($30): Dippin Dots at home! A lot of reviews neg this one as it doesn't involve the liquid nitrogen used to make legit dots. We've got one here at Brit HQ and will be trying it out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

4. Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball ($23): Have your ice cream, but exercise to get it made. This Play and Freeze is either ingenious or ridiculous. Rather than using any kind of machinery like your plug in ice cream maker, this ball simply needs to get kicked, shaked or passed around. Great for BBQs, picnics, camping trips, etc. And be sure to cue up "Shake, Rattle, and Roll."

5. Walrus Scoop ($15): I am the walrus (scoop)! Playful, useful, and your new best friend (or worst enemy?).

6. Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop ($15): Ideal for classy dessert presentation, this scoop is also fun for making a super silly Jenga-esque tower of ice cream just for kicks.

7. 400 Spoon Straws ($10): It can be pretty annoying to get all that melty ice cream out at the bottom of the bowl. Lucky for you, there's a spoon straw made to do the trick. These are ideal for shakes but could also be fun for a cold summer soup.

8. Ben and Jerry’s Pint Lock ($7): We can’t find a site that seems to be legitimately selling these, but they are hilarious. This link will take you to a site that looks just like Ben & Jerry’s but when you go to the official site, there is no pint lock to be found. Someone… cracked the code? (Had to.)

9. Norpro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker ($5): And by sandwich maker, we mean… a box with two lids. All digs aside, this little doodad does help you form perfectly shaped ice cream sandwiches and only costs 5 bucks.

10. Motorized Ice Cream Cone ($9): Possibly the laziest gadget around, this motorized ice cream cone takes the tough task (tough?) of ice cream cone rotation out of your hands. Well, it's still in your hands but absolutely no effort is needed. We think this is on the too silly side, but love the colorful cones.

11. Soft Serve Machine ($87): Got 20 minutes and a craving for a Frosty? This little puppy'll churn out the good stuff, in no time at all. Fill it up with your favorite toppings and experiment with even healthier frozen yogurt recipes.

12. Vintage Snow Cone Cart ($185): Not only an amazing vintage decor piece, this snow cone cart turns your regular old ice cubes into perfectly shaved, fluffy snow. We love the idea of having one of these at the dessert table of a wedding or birthday party, or just casually keeping it next to the fridge in your kitchen.

And stay tuned for a riveting post on ice cream inspired decor and wearables! Ok, not a whole post. Just a bonus quartet of ice cream awesomeness and silliness we found while looking for gadgets.

1. Ice Cream Like Tee ($25): Facebook + Ice Cream? An obvious win at Brit HQ.

2. Cone Lamps: Maybe on the too silly side, we do like the idea of hanging a couple of these in the mix with a pendant chandelier. Sadly, it looks like they are no longer available. DIY?

3. Ice Cream Themed Furniture ($2,999): Isn't it time you gave your kitchen an ice cream makeover? ;)

4. Ice Cream Heels: Of course you need ice cream cones on your heels! We have to admit, we're impressed by the creative use of the heel shape and love the idea of brainstorming more fun things to paint on your heels.

How do you get creative with making, serving and preparing ice cream? We'd love to hear about recipes, gadgets, and any other tidbits you'd like to share. Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter.